6 Types of guys you should hook up with this summer

Summer was made for man sampling! With clothing often optional, longer days leading to more opportunities for fun and alcohol more freely flowing, this season is just designed for experimentation… so why not take advantage of it?! Put on your peripheral man scouting glasses and get to hunting for some of these sweet man opportunities for a summer of loving and learning.

Woman flirting with surf instructor


Who: Addition to Your To-Do List…

A guy you meet while running errands

Why: This is the guy that will give you confidence in the non-porn star version of yourself. He will have met you when you were looking like your regular self – jeans, T, Converse, messy braid… and thought you were HOT anyway! He will prove to you once and for all that guys don’t need three layers of makeup, a double-padded bra and a micro mini to think your smokin’.

2Who: Tall, Dark and in a Tux…

A groomsmen or other single wedding guest

Why: Flirting with single guys at a wedding makes going to them less agonizing (you know the drill: “Yes Aunt Mae, I’m still single”). Plus if you can score a date out of your flirting attempts, it makes the investment of a new dress and the use of an entire Saturday all the more worth it.

3Boy Toy…

Lifeguard, surf instructor – anyone with a killer tan and abs

Why: For fling’s sake, this guy is all about pure physical attraction. After all, summer is about eye candy so why not get a piece of your own to nibble on and get to be the one showing off a little arm trophy for a bit?

4Who: The globetrotter…

An international (accent preferred) traveler passing through town

Why: For fantasy fling’s sake, being romanced by a charming foreigner who will no doubt share embellished tales of his globetrotting life will seduce you like a dirty romance novel character. Here’s your chance to create a naughty tale to tell of your own.

5 Who: Mr. Mom…

A divorced dad

Why: Because you said you never would and summer is the ideal time to break your own rules. The divorced dad will show you a new level of maturity in a man which will force you to start thinking about a grown-up life, but still guarantee you plenty of freedom every other weekend.

6Who: The Ex-itheses…

A guy who would have all your friends jaw-dropped

Why: No matter the reason (he’s a barista; you only do bankers, he’s short; you only do tall), dating a guy that goes against policy (i.e. the opposite of all of your exes) is good for you. He’ll either break your once concrete barriers or confirm why you put them up in the first place.

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