10 Reasons why summer flings are awesome

Winter is for snuggling up with someone you love. Summer, on the other hand, is for getting it on with a hot hunk you met on the beach. Like Sandy and Danny croon in Grease, summer lovin’ can be a blast. Here are 10 reasons why:

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Why are summer flings so hot?

1. You can love ’em, and leave ’em

Ahh, to get to be the guy for once is a beautiful thing. A summer fling gives you permission to pick up a hottie for sheer carnal purposes, get the goods, and giddy up on out of there. No strings, just fun.

2. Summer sex is hot

There is a reason flings are had in summer, not winter. The sticky heat means bare skin, slinky clothes, shirtless dudes and sweat trickling down every body part. And that equals a bona fide lift in the libido.

3. Did you really just get your bikini line waxed to look good at the beach?

Well, yeah. But while you’re keeping up the maintenance down there, you might as well showcase it for that hot surfer dude.

4. It gives you something to daydream about when it gets cold

Getting back to the daily grind and chilly weather after a hot summer vacation sucks. What better way to cheer yourself up than with lusty thoughts about your summer romance?

5. You’re in the moment

When you know your time’s short-lived, you make the most of it… kind of like what Tim McGraw croons about in that sappy country song about living like you’re dying. With a fling, you’re less likely to nitpick or get upset over little things and more likely to relish the guy’s company.

6. One word: Accent

If you’re one of the lucky few who go somewhere exotic this summer, take advantage of some native tongue. If anything, it’ll be nice to recall a Pierre or Giuseppe instead of a Mike or Joe for once. Even if you’re staying local, you can make your summer fling a dude you’d never date during the other seasons: the bartender, the lifeguard, the beach badge checker, etc.

7. Because they can be simple

Forget meeting the Fockers and awkward dinner dates with your BFF. With no commitment, you can spend your time doing the really fun stuff–drinking margaritas, lying on the beach and getting naked.

8. You can be totally shallow

Screw intellectual compatibility and whether or not he’d be a good “provider.” A summer fling lets you go for the eye candy, even if he’s not on your mental level. You can permit yourself to indulge solely in his dreamy blue eyes and killer six-pack without feeling guilty.

9. You can try new stuff in the bedroom

Some women just can’t get really freaky with a guy they’re serious about–but they will get down and dirty Lil Kim-style with guys they know aren’t hanging around for long. So if you’ve been curious about crazy positions, sex toys or doing it outdoors, your fling is fair game for experimentation.

10. It’ll make you better for your next boyfriend

Dating around helps you figure out what you do and don’t want in a man. Even though it’s probably short-term, a summer fling will further your romantic education, especially if you follow Reason No. 6 and get with someone you never would otherwise.

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Watch this video for a demonstration of how to have a summer romance. Make sure to have the following on hand: An appropriate partner, the ability to plan and an expiration date. Understand what it means to have a summer fling. First, it lasts between two weeks and three months and, second, it’s definitely not serious. Get clarity about this or one of you could get hurt.

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