Eco-friendly wedding transportation

Mar 24, 2010 at 12:35 a.m. ET

At we hear from couples all the time looking for ways to reduce the carbon imprint of their wedding day. One of the biggest sources of pollution related to weddings is transportation. From guests arriving on airplanes, to your honeymoon travel, to all of the running around you do preparing for the big day, it adds up. Some of this "footprint" is unavoidable, but why not offset some of this damage by finding eco-friendly ways to transport you and your guests on the big day?

Plan with the environment in mind

Bride and horse

One of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and your transportation costs, is to make sure that your wedding ceremony and reception take place in walking distance from each other, and from the hotel where most of your guests are staying. Of course, the easiest way to do this is to have them in the same location. Make sure to discuss other environmental concerns with the venue. It won't do the planet much good to use a conveniently located venue if that venue is hard on Mother Earth. So do your homework.


Hire an eco-friendly car service or limo company that uses alternative energy fueled vehicles. There are a few national companies such as DrivenEco and Eco-Limo that provide chauffeured hybrid and alternative-fuel choices.

Conventional Limos

Even conventional limos can be comparatively eco-friendly, that is if you compare them to the cost of everyone driving their own car. While party buses and limos aren't necessarily low-emission, it's still greener to transport everyone in one vehicle than to have many people drive separately to your wedding. Arrange a pickup route or a mutual meeting place for your group.


If you're not providing transportation for your guests and bridal party, connect them via a Facebook page or, even better, your wedding pre-party so they can arrange their own carpools. Helping your guests who don't know a lot of other people at the wedding arrange carpools will also help them have a better time at the reception.

Public Transportation

You have probably seen great pictures of brides and grooms on public transportation such as the subway or public busses. Why not use it as more than a photographic backdrop? Although you might not want to count on the bus to get you to the church on time, why not use it to get around town for photographs? You'll get some great pictures, and lots of love and good wishes from strangers.

Ditch the Keys

Cars and buses aren't the only way to get from place to place. Consider a tandem bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, or a horse-drawn carriage to get you from place to place. Once again, it'll make for great pictures, and a great carbon footprint!

A final reminder, just because a company claims to be "green" doesn't mean that it is. Make sure to ask questions about how the company is environmentally friendly, and if the answers don't make sense, do some research.

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