Are bridal shoes over?

Mar 22, 2010 at 12:32 a.m. ET

In years past there was one kind of shoe you wore for your wedding day: a white pump. Your oh-so-lucky bridesmaids also wore pumps, only they were dyed to match their bridesmaids' dresses. Then, a few brides got smart and realized that when it comes to shoes one style does not fit all. A few bridesmaids got even smarter and insisted that they really had no use for teal pumps. At we see a lot of wedding pictures, and we are seeing fewer and fewer pictures of white wedding shoes.

Red Shoes

Pick a color, any color

The last time the word "fashionable" and "white shoes" were used in the same sentence was circa 1985. Given that, and the fact that most wedding dresses are floor length, a lot of brides are choosing to buy a fabulous pair of shoes in a color that works for their non-bridal wardrobe. Whether their shoes are their "something blue" or just a fabulous pair of red heels, adding a little color to the wedding shoe gives the bride a secret lift.

Jimmy Choo bridal shoes

All that glitters

Gold and silver have become very popular options for wedding shoes. A gold strappy sandal like this Jonathan Kayne Tiara shoe is sophisticated and sexy. You'll be able to wear it long after your wedding, but it's still something special for your wedding day.

Comfort first (or second)

Jonathan Kayne Tiara Shoe

You'll be spending a lot of time on your feet on your wedding day. Photographs, ceremony, receiving line, dancing, it all adds up. Make sure your feet have a little wiggle room (try them on at the end of the day when your feet are their largest), and make sure that they're comfortable enough to last the day. If you find a pair that you absolutely LOVE but you aren't sure they'll stand the test of time, consider getting a second pair for dancing. Make sure to pay attention to heel height! If you have your dress hemmed for a three-inch heel, then change into these adorable dressy ballet flats, you'll find yourself tripping over your dress.

Dressy ballet flats

Be Yourself

One of the top wedding trends for 2010 is individuality. There's no reason why your shoes can't be as unique as you are. Consider wearing your own shoes on your wedding, whether they're comfy Vans, cowboy boots, or hiking boots, wear the shoes that make you feel like you.

Treat your bridesmaids

We've all seen the wedding photographs and videos. After earning some me time the maid of honor hoists a glass, kicks off her heels, and starts doing the Y.M.C.A. Why not spare your bridesmaids their pedicures and get them cute flip-flops like these from Totes.

White doesn't have to mean plain


Despite the title of this article, white wedding shoes do still exist. It's just that now they come in fabulous and fun heights and looks. So, even if you want to be head to toe white, ivory, or diamond white on your wedding day don't forget to find the shoe that fits!

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