Is your guy a sex addict?

Apr 29, 2010 at 10:50 p.m. ET

Between Tiger Woods, Jesse James and David Duchovny, plenty of media hype surrounds sex addiction and sex addiction clinics. How can you tell if your man is a sex addict? Lying about porn, dropping cash and spending copious amounts of time on the Internet are red flags for sex addiction. Here, Dr. Douglas Weiss, psychologist and sex expert, gives us the signs and how to cope.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself. A "yes" answer to several may indicate that your guy is struggling with sexual addiction.

sex addiction quiz

  • Does your spouse have unexplainable moods?
  • Does your spouse's mood depend on whether he/she gets sex or not?
  • Does your spouse have a lack of sexual activity with you?
  • Does your spouse have a history of emotional, physical or sexual abuse or neglect?
  • Does your spouse have a supply of pornography (especially the kind available at adult bookstores)?
  • Are there many arguments over sex?
  • Is your spouse incapable of emotional intimacy?
  • Does sex appear not to satisfy him/her (wants more right away or there never seems to be enough)?
  • Is there a lot of anger or erratic behavior when he/she is refused sexually?
  • Do you feel alone during your sexual encounters?

What to do

Understand that sex addiction is real. The consequences on the partner of a sex addict are typically lower self-esteem, depression and weight gain. In some cases, you might contract one or more STDs.

Empower yourself. Ask him how often he is masturbating and viewing porn. If he thinks he might be a sex addict, ask him to take the 6 Types of Sex Addicts Test. Once he knows what type he is, he can get real help.

If he doesn't want help, strap yourself in for the ride of your life because addictions only get worse over time. He will find it easier with time to cross the lines into cheating and creating pain for you.

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