Be careful what you order on a date

If it’s true what they say — you are what you eat — how you order on a dinner date can reveal a lot about you. Based on my own experiences, the sentiment holds true. Here, I reveal a few ordering styles and what guys think about them — plus some tips on how to order whatever you want but still convey the right persona across the table.

the salad girl

In reality, I had a big, gross lunch with my co-workers prior to to my date: Three slices of pizza with soda and buffalo wings.

the steak girl

Move over, “salad girls,” there’s an awesome chick in town and she eats like a man. My ex-boyfriend and I were all about steak nights. We would go to Outback Steakhouse a lot, make steak at home, order steaks at hole-in-the-wall restaurants… We liked our beef, and we liked it medium rare.

I recently caught up with my ex-boyfriend, and he says he has never found another girl like me — one who can eat as much steak as he can. “It was like we were bros, eating steak and all that,” he says. Sounds like an awesome tale, but then again, I recall gaining 10 pounds during that relationship and it ending pretty poorly. Maybe you and your future guy shouldn’t be “bros” — or fat, for that matter. Get a steak on your next date, sure, but make sure to mention that you are more versatile than that. You don’t want to be pigeonholed as just another one of his brosephs.

the fried food girl

“The girl who orders something fried is the kind of girl I might just stay away from,” says Brian (not a man I dated but a friend with whom I’ve had plenty of dinners). Brian noticed my love for fried appetizers, for instance — chicken tenders, calamari, even cauliflower. His take on girls who eat fried foods: “You might not see it right away, but in the long run, you will — on her butt.” Girls, order high-fat foods like burgers and mozzarella sticks only when you’ve already won him over and he knows that’s not all you eat.

The girl who says “no, thank you”

I once ordered nothing on a date. The reason? The guy was a total mutant (blind date) and bored me to tears upon saying “hello.” He must’ve thought I had an eating disorder, because when he offered me a bite of his food and I declined, he tilted his head to one side and said, “Are you sure?” Ladies, if you order nothing on a date, don’t forget to offer up a quick explanation, just in case. If the guy is as dull as a doorknob (like my date), just walk away.

the customizer

“Can I have the Monterey jack chicken with steamed vegetables instead of grilled, the sauce on the side, extra pepper and Swiss cheese instead of cheddar?” Let’s face it, the girl who customizes her order to her liking — although intriguing, because she knows exactly what she wants — might turn a guy off. He might consider that, if you are that picky about your order, what aspects of his life and personality are you going to try to mold? Keep that in mind on your next date, ladies. If you want to make a lot of changes to a dish, maybe you should pick another. The same goes for your man.

The daring girl

On my fourth date with my now-boyfriend, I ordered something really strange: Sea urchin. He looked at me with disgust at first and thought I was either really worldly, or just that weird. When the sea urchin came to our table, I dared him to try a piece — a big piece. He did it, hesitantly, and hated it. What did he think of me at that point? That I was worldly, a little weird, daring and to be respected. Score! By the same token, I thought the same of him. If he can be that disgusted with my order and still live up to the dare, he’s a solid man.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what you order. Rather, it’s about the type of guy you’re with and the communication between you. If you’re with an open-minded date, he won’t pass judgment on you based on your order. And if he does seem like he’s scrutinizing your every bite, throw out some disclaimers and explanations. Let your order give him an inclination, but your mouth (as in, what you say) should do all of the talking.

What not to order

These guys gave us a good laugh while offering their perspectives on good versus bad food choices on a date. Hyuk, hyuk!

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