10 Reasons to love being single

Mar 4, 2010 at 11:11 a.m. ET

Sure, love is grand, but going solo can be sweet. Check out our top 10 reasons being single is not so bad -- in fact, it can totally rock.

Single woman having coffee

Try on guys like you'd try on clothes

Let's face it: We all have different interests, personalities and styles. Would you want to own the same wardrobe as your bestie does? Probably not. For that reason, it's best to experiment with different wardrobe pieces to find the perfect fit. I've yet to find "the one" perfect piece or perfect man... but isn't shopping fun?

Be a social goddess

Feel free to devote your free time to making plans with different friends -- guys and girls --  for happy hour, coffee, concerts... Check out new bars and flirt with potential new interests whenever you'd like. The best part is, you never have to consult anyone else's calendar.

It's exciting

Sure, relationships are great, but does anything beat the fun of getting to know someone? You know, when you first feel that spark of attraction? The real pleasure is in the chase, the flirting, the fun first dates, the getting to know a new person, and the dreaming about the possibilities. That never gets old. A new relationship is fresh and exciting.


Relish it: You are in control of your life and time. You can date and have relationships with whomever you wish, without getting too emotionally involved. You can pursue different passions, hobbies and interests. You can connect with who you are and your innermost feelings, thoughts and self. You can be as adventurous as you wish and see where your heart takes you. This is the only time in your life you'll ever be able to do this.

Be Selfish

As we get older, more and more of our friends will be married or in relationships. You'll realize that, for a lot of them, commitment means not only less fun and freedom, but also a whole lot of selflessness. A person in a relationship sacrifices her time, money and desires for the needs of another person. Relish being selfish! I realize how "perfectly selfish" my singlehood allows me to be -- from buying new "going out" clothes, to how I spend my weekends, to the friends and family with whom I choose to spend my time.


How great is the feeling that you just never know who you'll meet on your next night on the town?

Look Forward

"Mr. Perfect" could be right around the corner -- or at least, "Mr. Perfect for the Night." And you are single, so that's OK! When you are tied down to the "right guy," you can worry about monotony... er, monogamy.

Get Rich

Single women climb the corporate ladder faster because they don't have to think twice about staying late at the office or hitting happy hour with the boss. If you hear the woman in the next cubicle got engaged, the congratulations go to you: You're going to take that poor girl's spot on the ladder while she's out shopping for place cards.

You Look Better

Sure, you can convince yourself that you're eating broccoli and working out five times a week just to stay fit, but you're really doing it so you can look good while seeking your love object. Once you find the right guy, you're probably going to let yourself go -- just like he will.

Weddings Are More Fun

You know that little program you get when you arrive for the ceremony? Think of it as a menu of groomsmen. The marriage of a man and woman who love each other often leads to sex between a man and woman who barely know each other.

And that, my sisters, is why you should love being single.