Resolutions for your marriage

Dec 16, 2009 at 2:21 a.m. ET

Making a resolution to improve your marriage is a good idea whether your marriage is in need of saving or is already very happy. Whether it's a goal to appreciate each other more or simply to spend more time together, there's no better time than now to make a renewed commitment to your relationship. Commit to our marriage resolution tips now and enjoy the strengthened bond between you and your partner.

Happy Married Couple in Bed

Marriage resolutionSpend more time together

You may already spend a lot of time around your husband on auto-pilot as you get ready in the mornings and do work around the house on the weekends, but how much time do you actually spend really together? If you don't already have one regular date night a week where you both get the chance to talk and do something fun, then resolve to implement one in the New Year. After all, if the President and Michelle Obama have the time to catch dinner and a play while running the country, so do you!

Resolve to improve your marriageThank your spouse each day

After you've been married for a while, it can become ea sy to take your partner and everything he does for you for granted, so one of the simplest of resolutions you could make is also one of the most important: vow to appreciate your partner more. The easiest way to do this is to set a goal to thank or compliment your spouse each day, whether it's for something small like walking the dog early in the morning while you sleep in or for something more profound. By showing your husband how thankful you are to have him in your life will, it will remind him how lucky he is to have you as well.

Marriage resolutionReduce stress in your relationship

Screaming matches aren't the only kind of hostile interaction to cause stress; sometimes an icy glare is all it takes to make both of your stress levels to shoot through the roof. Besides being damaging to the relationship, arguments and stressful conversations can also cause serious health problems, including high blood pressure and heart disease, so try to make it a goal this year to reduce stress from your lives as much as possible. (Or at least counter it with relaxing massages and bubble baths for two!)

Resolve to improve your marriageHave more sex

Let 2010 be your sexiest year yet by making it a priority to get busy with your husband more often. Even if you're already having sex on a regular basis, there's always room for more excitement. For example, if he tends to be the romance initiator, then make a plan to seduce him at least once or twice a month. Or if you're already having sex pretty frequently, spice things up even more by trying a new position or adding in a toy.

Marriage resolutionMake each day a little better

Just as daily commitments help keep our lives moving forward, setting goals for your marriage will help keep your relationship on track. Whether you vow to overhaul your entire communication style or just make a decision to love each other more, remember what your ultimate goal is -- to make your marriage stronger, healthier and more loving day by day.

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