His ideal date night

Oct 29, 2009 at 10:19 a.m. ET

If you ask a group of girls about their ideal date nights, they'll likely answer a romantic dinner with great conversation. For guys, would the answer be the same? Do they pay as close attention to romance as we do? We wanted to get to the bottom of this -- after all, they are who we are going out on these dates with (if you're straight, that is). We asked a group of men about their ideal date nights to compare to ours. How did we fare? Read on...

Cute couple having beers

Wings, beers and sports

"Find me a girl who likes to eat wings, drink beer and watch football, and I'm sold," says Brandon, a single male who's starting to believe his dream girl isn't out there. "Of course, I have found girls who like wings, beer and sports, but they typically weren't that attractive -- I want a girl who can hang with me, but also looks hot." Brandon knows his attitude towards the opposite sex might be seen as unfair, borderline discriminatory, but argues that his type is his type. "You asked me about my ideal date night, and that's it," he attests. "I doubt I'll ever have the ideal date night though."

A quiet night at home

For Dan, a self-proclaimed homebody and proud of it, however, his perfect date night consists of a quiet dinner at home with a movie on the tube. "Whether it's a first date or we've been together for a long time, I wouldn't mind just doing that with a girl," he explains. "For me, I'd rather have a simple night than a complicated one full of pressure... not to mention, an expensive one." Some girls might say Dan's approach is one that resembles that of a cheapskate, but he swears it's about the company not about where he takes the company.

As long as laughter is involved

When asked what makes for an ideal date night, Purnell, who's currently on a girl hiatus, says simply, "The kind filled with laughs." Just as many girls are attracted to funny guys -- Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey -- guys look for the same thing in a date.

Take it to the bedroom

As it turns out, gay or straight, this one bodes for all men. Mike, a gay man, was in a car with three other gays and a straight man when we asked him "what his ideal date night is". His committee of friends answered as a collective that the perfect date night would consist of cooking dinner together with a bottle of wine. "We'd watch an old movie and wind up 'bumping uglies' on the couch before the credits roll." The rest of the men were in agreement. Some ladies might answer this question the same way, but it just goes to show how most men do think alike -- doesn't matter their sexual preference.