Don’t be that girl

Nov 2, 2009 at 10:10 a.m. ET

Sunday brunches were made for dishing about dating disasters with our girlfriends over Bloody Mary's and a bottle of Advil. But it turns out that in love's battlefield, guys aren't the only offenders.

Man holding woman's hair back as she vomits

The stories from these guys tell us that men aren't the only ones who can turn a good date bad. Needless to say, these guys didn't call the next day.

Repeat offender

"I was out with a great girl and we were having such a great night... until the end of the night when we left the club and couldn't find her car. Both of us puzzled, confused at how we could have misplaced a 3,000-pound vehicle, finally realized her car had been towed. Evidently she was a repeat offender of unpaid parking tickets citing that she didn't believe in paying for them. Her civil disobedience cost me a $75 cab ride home." – Grant, 27, Seattle


According to our friends at The "The number one rule, for your own safety and sanity -- don't get super wasted, OK?" That is, don't be like this girl:

"After about three too many shots, my date threw up all over me and then again all over my car." - Mikhal, 33, Atlanta

Fake choppers

"I'm not sure how it came up but I was on a date with a girl who mentioned she had fake teeth and when I challenged her on it, she took them out to prove it. Needless to say, dentures were a deal breaker for me, and the night ended pretty quickly after that." – Justin, 29, Los Angeles

Too hot to handle

"I had the whole night planned out. Cozy night in. Home-cooked meal, a movie, candles lit everywhere. My goal was our first time doing it. As soon as we got busy on the sofa, she kicked over one of the candles which knocked something else over and in turn set my dresser into full flames. Not only were the moment and my dresser scorched, she was so embarrassed by the situation, I never heard her from her again." – Padraic, 27, Philadelphia

Too much baggage

"I went on a date where the girl talked about her excessive exes the entire night. Everything I said or did had to circle back to one of her past boyfriends. We all have exes, I get it, but she clearly wanted to make it a point to let me know she had more than five. It was like she was giving me a tutorial on what not to do if I wanted to be her man. Seriously give me a chance to screw it up first!" – Omarr, 24, Miami

She's just not that into you

"It was my first date with a girl I had been "courting" for awhile. I thought I was doing everything right – opening doors, offering up charming conversation, picking up the dinner bill. Well, we went to a bar after dinner and long story short, she ended up going home with another dude!" – Kevin, Chicago, 32

Picking up the tab

"After a pretty typical dinner-movie evening, my date and I decided to grab a few drinks. Unbeknownst to me, she blast texted her friends the location to where we were headed and a dozen of them showed up. Don't get me wrong, it was great to have multiplied the attention I was getting... until I got the bill and all of her friends drinks were on MY tab!" – John, 25, New York