4 Must-read books about break-ups

Jun 15, 2009 at 3:25 p.m. ET

Break-ups are hard, especially if you are the dumpee and are left with questions.

Of course, you could always go over every excruciating detail of your 9 month relationship with your friends, but why risk driving them away with your incessant why's and what-went-wrong's when you can learn from the knowledge of much wittier, honest, and self-deprecating people who've been as equally heart-broken and lived to tale the tale. (Plus, they won't judge you if you can't stop sobbing or watching Lifetime TV.) Below are four books to get you through the pain (and, don't worry, none of them can be found in the self-help aisle!)

1. Things I've Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me

edited by Ben Karlin

In this funny collection of mini-essays, once broken-hearted men like Steven Colbert, Andy Richter, Saturday Night Live's Will Forte, and syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, offer up the male perspective on going through a relationship ending. (Spoiler alert: drinking is almost always involved.) From unrequited first loves to dating as an overweight man, the writers of this book will have you laughing (or, at the very least, sympathizing with the women who dumped them.)

2. Five Men Who Broke My Heart

by Susan Shapiro

Journalist Susan Shapiro is married, living in Manhattan, and on the brink of a midlife crisis, going through what she describes as a 'no-book-no-baby' summer in this heartfelt memoir. With her 40th birthday drawing near, she questions whether marrying her workaholic husband was the right thing to do and impulsively decides to track down five of her exes to revisit the past. Anyone who has ever Facebook-ed an ex or just wondered 'what if?' will appreciate Shapiro's honesty, revelations, and sheer guts.

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