4 Ways to make "moving on" fun

Jun 4, 2009 at 3:11 p.m. ET

It's a hard time for you, they say. You'll have to go through the motions and get through it as best as you can, some will advise. Many will suggest that it's okay to be upset and that you'll get over it eventually. Hmmm -- but what if you're fine? What if you're not as sad as they expect you to be?

Woman Cutting HairI can't tell you not to be upset, of course. More often than not, it's hard to look on the bright side. But entertain me for a moment -- maybe you can make "moving on" after your breakup a fun time? Think it's impossible? We found some ladies who have been able to think positively and, more importantly, have fun as they go through breakups.

Open an eBay Store

For Myra, a handful of good things came out of her breakup (which was her boyfriend's choice, at the time). "I was dating a total metrosexual. He spent all of his money on clothes and tanning," recalls the 25-year-old now single. "When he broke up with me, he left a lot of stuff at my apartment. So, I started an eBay store to sell all of it."

Myra figured, the two of them broke up on such bad terms he won't even come back for his stuff. "If he dares to call me to either try to get me back, having sold his stuff on eBay, I know it would be impossible to pick up where we left off," she says. "Being strong and not going back, because of what I did, is foolproof."

Throw a Singles Party

"I was with this guy who made me absolutely miserable, but it was so hard for me to let him go," says Lauren. "One day, I finally had it and broke it off. I never looked back since."

Lauren moved out of her and her then boyfriend's apartment. "It felt good to live on my own again," she says. To celebrate, Lauren threw herself a huge singles party -- only single guy friends and girl friends allowed. "It was the most fun I've had in a long time," she adds.

Give Yourself a Flirty Makeover

After a breakup -- whether it's a bad spot or a good move -- a little freshening up couldn't hurt. A flirty revamp can be a lot of fun. And right now, you need to feel your sexiest!

So what does a flirty makeover entail, you ask? Beauty editor, Aly Walansky, it's all about renewing your hair, getting a great "going out" outfit, and freshening up your attitude. "Get a major haircut, meaning something that is noticeable (in a good way)," she says. "Get a really fun outfit for the next time you go out with the girls. Think of pinks, purples or yellows -- bright colors will only add to your revamped upbeat demeanor."

Burn His Stuff in a Silly Ritual

You had to have seen that episode of "Friends" when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe staged that ex-boyfriend ritual, whereby they burned old things that belonged to past loves in an effort to rid themselves of them emotionally. You, too, can have fun with this, just be careful of fires. If you're not into the burning ritual, you can make a voodoo doll, says Aly. "My friend and I did this a couple of months ago and think it became more about how fun arts and crafts are -- we completely forgot about our broken hearts." Mission accomplished.

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