Valentine’s Day horror stories

It’s time to celebrate love and you just want the day to be perfect. Sometimes, you can’t get what you want. In fact, the night can end in horrors. I talked to three friends about their Valentine’s Day nightmares. They’ve decided to share their stories with you so you avoid their fates. You’ll learn a lot from these. Some lessons to note from these tales, for instance, are: always make reservations, don’t go out on a first date on Valentine’s, and drink responsibly.

Bad Date

The Never Ending Restaurant-Wait Story

You know that Seinfeld episode that revolved around a famished Jerry, George and Elaine waiting at that Chinese restaurant? That very thing happened to Nikki. “I ate nothing all day. I wanted to fit into my slinky little black dress,” she said. “By 7 p.m., I was ready to eat my arm.” And eat her arm, she almost did because come 8 p.m., Nikki and her boyfriend were still waiting to be seated at a popular chain restaurant that shall remain nameless. Although Nikki and her boyfriend are still together and going strong, that night alone causes them to cringe as if a fight had broken out between them.

Lesson Learned:
On Valentine’s Day, many restaurants that don’t ordinarily take reservations, will that night. Call ahead to see what restaurants are doing so you can avoid a waiting nightmare on the romantic night.

The McNothing

One Valentine’s Day, Jacqueline decided to give a new guy a shot. This was their first date, you see. She had just met him at a friend’s party. She thought he was cute, nice and would probably prove to be a terrific first date, Valentine’s even. She was so sure he’d live up to her expectations so she got all dolled up – mini skirt and heels and all to find herself in a McDonald’s parking lot. “I thought to myself, this can’t be happening,” she recalled. “He took me to a fast food joint on Valentine’s Day?!” Jacqueline ordered a chicken sandwich, inhaled it, and went home without so much as giving her date a goodnight handshake. “I never went out with that cheapo again,” she said.Lesson Learned: Don’t go out with a guy you barely know on the special day. You’re better off staying home than going out with a potential loser. Odds are, the disappointment will feel worse on Valentine’s than any other night.

Never Drink Tequila

“My boyfriend and I had been dating for a couple of months,” said Sheila. The two liked to have a lot of fun… By fun, she means alcohol. “We met at a bar – going out drinking was our thing,” she recalled. On that particular Valentine’s evening, Sheila decided to do a tequila shot. She would typically drink beers, but it was a special occasion. It can’t hurt. Sheila probably should’ve stopped at one, but she kept on going with the tequila shots. After three, it wasn’t long until Sheila’s stomach started to act up and before she could find a viable bathroom, she had vomited all over her boyfriend of two months! “We stayed together for a month after that,” she adds. “I don’t know if that night caused the breakup, but I definitely lost a little bit of sex appeal after it.”

Lesson Learned:
This should be the rule every night, doesn’t matter the holiday. Don’t drink more than you can handle. If you can’t handle your liquor, you can potentially embarrass yourself or worse – get alcohol poisoning.

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