How to tell if he is rebounding: 4 Tell-tale signs

Danger, danger! Rebound abound! It’s the oldest trick in the book. You’ll meet a man who seems so into you – he’s practically too good to be true. Then, it’s not long until you realize he may not dig you whole-heartedly. In fact, you might just be a pawn to make the ex jealous or a mere tool to help him move on.

Woman on Bad DateIt’s hard to tell who’s on the rebound. Some men can hide it pretty well. The sad thing is, if you don’t protect yourself, you may end up falling for said rebounder and he may end up hurting you. What if he goes back to his so-super-recent ex? What if he’s not ready for a relationship after such heartbreak? What if you’re just not the right girl for him, but he pretended like you were – or worse – really believed that you were but aren’t.If you suspect you are dating a guy who’s on the rebound or want to protect yourself from future rebounders, read on for rebounding signs…

Rebound sign #1

Does he mention his ex a lot? If so, definitely look into it. If he’s saying “she this,” “she that,” odds are it hasn’t been long since “she” was out of the picture.

Rebound sign #2

Check social networking avenues. Times like this Facebook and Myspace really do provide a great service. Do your research to see what his relationship status is, when it changed, or any other signs of comments from previous girls. Odds are the now ex-girlfriend has made recent appearances on social pages.

Rebound sign #3

Play “Room Raiders.” Go to his humble abode and snoop a little here and there. Don’t be sneaky and creepy though. When you walk in, be cutesie and say, “Let’s play ‘Room Raiders.'” He’ll likely get a kick out of it. Look for recent ex evidence like extra toothbrushes and feminine products in bathrooms.

Rebound sign #4

Come out and ask him. Being blunt and to the point works here. Just ask, “When did your last relationship end?” If he says two months ago or less, be prepared. Two months may not be enough time to get over someone. If it’s been more than two months, he may be ready. Feel him out and proceed with caution! If it’s been over a year, you should be in the clear. So if you suspect that the man you’re now dating is on the rebound, protect yourself. Like I mentioned, be on the lookout for rebounding signs. If he is a rebounder, distance yourself until you’re sure he’s absolutely ready for what you had in mind. You don’t want to be used in order for him to get over an ex, make her jealous or for diversion purposes. Good luck!

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