12 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without leaving the house

Why leave the house, when you really can have more fun at home! No need to brave the winter weather and fight for reservations – check out these 12 ideas and plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year.

Couple Drinking Wine at Home

12. Be your own cozy bar

Set up a bar in your house (or use the countertop) and stock it full of all your favorite spirits and mixers. Spend the night creating fun cocktails or “mocktails” and testing them out on one
another. Be sure to write down the recipes for your favorites so you can make them next year!

11. Have a campout!

Set up camp in the backyard, complete with a tent and super warm sleeping bags, a fire pit or chimenea stocked with logs, marshmallows for toasting (and s’mores makings), as well as a bottle of
champagne. When the fire dwindles, you can snuggle up to keep each other warm.

10. Make sparks

Light a fire in the fireplace (or light lots of candles), turn off all the lights and create a makeshift bed on the floor in front of the TV with lots of cozy blankets or even an air mattress. Rent
tons of romantic movies and stay up all night watching them or fall asleep while watching them in each other’s arms.

9. Sweet scavenger hunt

Spend the morning hiding little gifts and sweet cards around the house. With each note/gift, leave a clue that will lead your honey to the next one.

8. Umm… just do it?

Vow to “do it” in every room of the house. Try a new position in each room. Sure, you can take a break for snacks!

7. Private dancing

Turn on his/her favorite slow tunes, dim the lights and ask him or her to dance in your living room.

6. I dare you

Play a sexy game of truth or dare, fill out a book about your relationship, such as All About Us by Philipp Keel, or ask each other intriguing love questions from the If3 (Questions for the Game of
Love) book by Evelyn McFarlane and James Saywell.

5. Sexy sheets

Pre-Valentine’s day, purchase your honey some super soft and cozy new sheets. On the big day, make his/her bed with the (washed, of course) new linens. Cover the bed with chocolate candies or rose
petals. Then spend the day/night “breaking in” the new sheets!

4. Mystery meals

Make Valentine’s Day take-out day. Order in all your meals, from breakfast to late-night eats. Vow to only open the door for the delivery people. Make each meal interesting by blindfolding your
partner and taking turns feeding each other. (This works best with sexy foods such as chocolate-covered strawberries, and even sushi!)

3. Steamy fun

Take a long, hot sexy bath together. Help him/her shampoo his/her hair. Wash each body part slowly. Shave each other, if you wish. Don’t forget the champagne!

2. Make meal magic

Research a really intricate meal (with several courses!) and learn to make it together. Split up the duties or go step by step together. Working side by side in the kitchen will surely lead to more
side-by-side time after dinner… if you can hold out until the meal is over!

1. I double dare you!

Dare each other to spend the entire day naked! After all, you’re not going to be leaving the house!


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