5 ways to stoke the fires of love in a season of giving

Nov 14, 2008 at 4:11 p.m. ET

Aren't you glad this aren't didn't start out "5 ways to put the 'ho' in hohoho"? I was tempted... as it's that time of year where the puns sound punnier, the sweaters more elaborate, and normally cheesy sentiments fill everyone with good cheer. So let's take all that happy holidays and the spirit of giving and put it into the bedroom, shall we? There's no reason eggnog should be the only thing full of spice!

Legs in front of Christmas Tree

1.'Tis the season for a quickie!

Between family obligations and Secret Santa sneakiness, sex may be the last thing on your naughty or your nice list. On the nice side, bust out your organizer and pencil in some alone time with your man. For the busiest of the busy, the bedroom may be out of the question. Get naughty by stealing cheeky kisses, squeezes, and more while wrapping presents, just before the folks turn up for dinner, well, whenever the fancy strikes!

2. Get spicy

Literally. Here's a short list of spices that are meant to stimulate the sexual appetite: ginger, chocolate, and chiles. Why such a short list? Well, when brewing hot cocoa (made with 100 percent cocoa, milk, and brown sugar to taste, heated up and whisked in a small pot), toss in a few slices of fresh ginger or a pinch of cayenne for an aphrodisiac hot cocoa. Perfect for fireside foreplay.

3. Treat yourself

Why wait for Santa to show up? Get yourself online and splurge on a luxurious gift kit from Coco de Mer. Of a number of kits, my favorite for girls is the Wet Weekend ($100), which includes a sumptuous silk blindfold, a feather tickler, Coco de Mer's natural Spill lubricant, edible Hazelnut massage oil, Coco Fesse bath milk and Ember aphrodisiac candles. For the menfolk there's Adventurer ($115), which comes with black bondage tape, a silk blindfold, Polished Talent lubricant, Coco de Mer condoms and an adjustable cock ring. Go on, these sexy kits are only a few clicks away at www.coco-de-mer.com.

4. Let Him Unwrap You

Get a wide, velvet ribbon in your favorite color, and tie it around you in a bow (think about all that wrapping you've done and get creative with your knot), turn your bedroom into a love nest (candles, low lights, you know the deal), present yourself in a tidy package on the bed, and give him a taste of the gifts that you and he will be sharing all year long.

5. Let Him Unwrap You: Behind the Scenes

Prepping for the moment where he opens the door to find you glowing on the bed is half the fun. Take the afternoon off and primp and preen to your heart's content. Sauna, work out, get a massage, wax, get your nails done... whatever your heart desires. A moment of relaxation and indulgence just for you may be the spark you need to ignite your passions in season of craziness. For more sex tips, sex in media, sex, sex, and sex (just for you), visit Sex.SheKnows.com.