Dates courtesy of your Halloween costume

Oct 28, 2008 at 1:41 p.m. ET

Think we're kidding? Think again. What's the most frivolous holiday invoked with good cheer, costumes, cosmos and yes - candy? You guessed right, it's Halloween. When it comes to being single this is an ideal time to let your guard down and simply have fun, says Tanya Crosby, romance expert at

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Hey baby, what's your sign?

Although you may not be a big fan of cheesy pick up lines, take a deep breath, it's ok. After all, it's Halloween and you can get a few chuckles and even a few dates on October 31st.  "Little pick up lines which may fall short in other situations aren't going to fall short at Halloween parties," says Crosby as she offers one for starters: "Do you believe in ghosts?"


Once you've broken the ice, remember this is one part-ay where even the most unapproachable shy person can feel at ease. In essence, Halloween is a low maintenance, low pressure celebration that's speaking the singleton's language. "This is the perfect opportunity for a low key date," says Crosby. Think about it: you just met a cool guy on and want to meet up in a social setting. Viola! Halloween.  There will be tons to talk about and a lot of social interactions so it's not going to be an intense one-on-one conversation type of night. And if you've decided to go to a party solo, never fear, it's an easy environment to mingle and demonstrate a splash of creativity!

His and Her Running Mates

"You can pick a costume that's relevant like the political election or something related to your personality." Her advice? Choose something that's identifiable. Although a mummy or Dracula are kind of generic, timeless classics like Madonna or Tina Turner are more strategic. "Make sure you rethink wearing a mask," she says. In other words: ditch anything that covers your face and think out of the box instead. Wig, eyeglasses, anything! It's time to experiment but whatever you do, don't cover up your face and make yourself unapproachable.  You can go with a completely outrageous costume for attention and laughs or go with something very in the moment to spark up heated conversations.  "Hot costumes this year are related to the election. You don't really need to even know who you're voting for to choose a political costume." In fact, in a recent poll, almost 65% of pollsters said Sarah Palin would be the sexiest costume followed by Michelle Obama and trailed by Cindy McCain.

Circle of Friends

If you really want to get out of your circle, expand it by getting all decked out with a group of friends such as dressing up as characters from That '70s Show.  This creates a circle around you and shows that you're approachable and outgoing. And just think, your friends may know someone and they may know someone and so on and so on. There you have it, a very rich date opp night courtesy of a spooktacular holiday!

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