The It list of online dating

Aug 25, 2008 at 11:36 p.m. ET

Are you ready for the next phase of dating? You've tried it all - bars, clubs, bookstores, coffee shops. Said locales either yielded zero dates or a handful of very bad ones. It's time for you to exhaust other means, so you decided to give online dating a shot. Not sure what's out there? You've heard of and, but you're not sure if those are for you. What else is out there, you ask? Here are five you may not have heard of. Don't just jump in, read on to find out if any of them are right for you.

Online Dating
For the Worry Wart

TrueYou hesitated at first, but you've finally turned onto online dating. It's understandable to be worried about your safety — after all, you're providing strangers with some vitals that could open the doors for stalkers, cheaters, and crazy people. But with a site like, one of the leading online dating sites which has over 25 million members, you can relax. The site, which costs $59.97 for full access per month, performs background screenings to protect members from convicted felons, not to mention married individuals.

For Women Who Want to Be Taken Care Of

Seeking ArrangementThere's no other way to put it — women who are "seeking arrangements" (as in, looking for a sugar daddy to pay the bills and give them gifts), can subscribe to, which currently has over 120,000 active members. There, you'll find sugar daddies (and sugar mammas), whereby all parties benefit from something. Keep in mind, this dating site of sorts doesn't cater to monogamous, long-term relationships — there are no strings attached here. Instead of filling out fields on interests and whether or not you want kids, users indicate an allowance (how much support they expect each month). It's free for those looking for sugar daddies and mamas. Sugar daddies and mamas, on the other hand, have pay a fee to have their income verified.

For Women Who Mean Business

Spark BlissThey say 63 percent of married couples met through a circle of friends. Incorporate the business-like strategy of the referral when it comes to finding a mate on, a free referral-based online matchmaking portal. Members in this private network merely receive romantic introductions from people they know and trust — you control your bio and who you invite into you network. Go on, date a friend of a friend — you know you're getting a good egg, not some socially awkward stalker. Just create a searchable public profile and wait for the referrals to start piling in through your circle of friends.

For the Cheap Date

okcupidYou want to go out on dates so you can save on groceries (you know, because you'll have someone paying for your meals from time to time)., here you come! The free online dating site, which has about 2 million unique users a month, is a large online dating site that uses math, but doesn't charge. On the matchmaking site, users are surveyed, including forced to offer up their "deal breakers" from the start.

For the Adventurous

Crazy Blind may sound crazy, but we like to think of it as adventurous. It's for the dater who's willing to take chances. The free dating site basically sets up members on last-minute blind dates — that's right, for the night! You can get out of the dating rut instantly with this dating site. But beware, since there are no profiles or pictures, it's like you're being thrown into a completely unknown situation by which you can't have any expectations. Although members do fill out some simple information on their location and a general idea of the type of person they'd like to be set up with, you still never know who's on the other end of the door. The site claims there are multiple couples who've met on their site and are currently in happy, committed relationships. Will you be one of them?