Games that lovers play

There comes a time in every couple’s relationship when the sex becomes routine.

King Chess Piece Bowing to Queen

Watching your partner take out the trash and lounge around in his sweats on the weekends may be a fact of life, but is hardly the fuel needed to keep your engine purring. So, if your sex life could
use some friendly maintenance, try tuning it up at home with either (or both!) of the following adult-themed games.

Twist Her

Body Twist HerIf you thought that traditional Twister had all of the makings of an orgy, try Twist Her. Like the original, you still become jumbled up, but the twist is where. Instead of a big plastic sheet, Twist
Her comes with a set of colorful, hand decal stickers that you decide where to place on your body. The directions are simple; rolling a pair of dice determines which sticker you touch as well as with
what body part. Red toe on your lips? Green lips on his thigh? It’s easy to get twisted with pleasure with this game, especially if you’re skimpily clad.

$10.39, available at

A Hot Affair

Hot Affair If variety is the spice of life, A Hot Affair is the paprika of sensual desire. Modeled after traditional board games, AHA comes with dice, playing pieces, and over 200 cards instructing you to
either divulge your most intimate secrets or do wild, naughty things to your partner. Never had a reason to take off your underwear and shove it in your lover’s mouth? Now you do! Each player
takes turn rolling the dice and landing on various squares that instruct you to drink, “nibble seductively” on snacks, or take a card. With each round, the questions and activities become
increasingly more provocative, leading up to the final fantasy. The winner gets to select his or her favorite choice from the two cards he’s swapped out throughout the game. Teacher and saucy
student? Honey drizzler and drizzlee? Costumes are not included, but they might be fun.

$25.60, available at

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