How to be happily single when your friends are taken

May 13, 2008 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Your single gal pal is now totally taken - what do you do?

When two friends navigate single life together, flying solo can be fun. But the fun subsides once a new beau enters the picture. When your best friend finds love, you might feel left out, but remember: Just because your friend's single status has changed, your relationship with her doesn't have to.

Beat the blues

You may find that you have more time to yourself these days. Don't consider this to be loneliness. Instead, forget the labels and channel your energy into exploring ways to make your own life more exciting.
  • Challenge yourself to a new physical activity, such as a co-ed sport (where single, athletic men sweat and guzzle Gatorade...)
  • Start a blog. It's trendier than writing in a journal, and you stand a far better chance of someone special finding your words of wisdom.
  • Plan a getaway to visit a long-distance friend, preferably a friend who lives near the beach.
  • Sign up for yoga classes. Now you'll have a reason to buy those stylish work-out clothes!
  • Become a Starbucks regular. Try all the drink variations, crush on the cute barista, make reading the newspaper a habit -- and, most of all, be friendly. Who knows who you could meet?

Keep your friendship alive

Don't forget the thrill of falling in love. Your friend probably feels as if she's the happiest girl in the world. Meanwhile, as the single friend, you might be experiencing thoughts of jealousy or self-pity. Keep this negativity at bay, as it will only end up hurting both you and your friendship.
  • Don't bash the new guy.
  • Don't make your friend feel guilty or whine about your single-ness. This will just push her further away from you.
  • Do be inspired by Cindy Guidry, the famously happy single who wrote the book, "The Last Single Woman in America."
  • Do seek out more time with your friend once she gets beyond the butterflies. Set up lunch dates or a girls-only night during the weekend.
  • Do think of her new boyfriend as your own new friend. You can get a guy's perspective on dating and maybe even meet his friends. Consider this networking!

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