Creating a sensual Valentine's retreat

Jan 25, 2008 at 12:16 a.m. ET

To please your partner on Valentine's Day, you should try to appeal to all five senses. The experts at IKEA put together some fabulous tips on how to create a romantic atmosphere and do just that. What's great is you can buy all of these items from IKEA for under $60 total! Give a gift to yourself and your mate this Valentine's Day by setting up a romantic retreat to spend your special evening.

Romantic Bedroom with Candles and Rose Petals


Lighting is a key element in creative a soft, sensuous space. Look beyond the basics of task lighting and use soft, diffused lighting in other areas of the bedroom. Consider adding a dimmer to existing lamps. Don't forget, everyone looks better in candlelight – and they definitely set the mood! Remember to keep wicks trimmed and away from any bedroom textiles.


Add fresh flowers, scented candles or potpourri to the bedroom. Rose, jasmine and vanilla-based fragrances are particularly good choices for setting a romantic mood. Try red SMYCKA flowers ($8.97 for 3), TINDRA vanilla scented candles ($1.49) or DOFTA potpourri ($1.99).


Shut out distracting sounds from either outside or from other areas of the home. Insulated curtains can help keep noises from the street out of your sanctuary, as can a white noise machine. Use a bedside sound system to play your favorite mood-inducing music.

IKEA Heart Rug


Nothing feels as lush as soft bed linens. Look for combed or sateen cottons to provide an exceptional silky feel. For a touch of luxury, toss some extra LOTTEN MORK pillows ($12.99) on the bed and place a plush HÄLLSKAR Heart Rug ($12.99) beside your bed.


Don't underestimate the power of food, it can be extremely sensual! Enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day with a leisurely breakfast in bed. The KLACK bedside tray ($6.99) is perfect to pack on all the necessities, like fresh fruit with whipped cream, MARABOU chocolates ($2.29) for your sweetie, and sparkling champagne, served in SKIR champagne flutes ($8.99).

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