How to get VIP treatment on your honeymoon

Oct 18, 2007 at 8:00 a.m. ET

This quote comes from a resort manager, so take it from her that you're in for the royal treatment when you speak up and let people know that yes, you are on your honeymoon!

"Honeymooners are the VIPs of the resort."
Couple getting massages

Get ready to learn how to make doors open, have freebies offered and enjoy celebrity style treatment everywhere you go!

First off, understand that resorts and destinations want to make this the best vacation of both your lives. They want you to be happy... and of course to then tell everyone you know just how happy they made you. (hello Twitter!)

So here are just a few ways you could potentially get celebrity style VIP treatment during your stay just by mentioning your status as a newly-married couple:

While traveling, casually mention, "Awww, we just got married!"

  • Do this upon check-in at the airport, and there's a good chance at getting upgraded to first class seats.
  • The airline may also allow you access to their VIP lounge at the airport, even if you don't have first class tickets. Rather than waiting on those rows of plastic seats at the concourse, you could very well find yourselves in an upscale lounge with free Champagne.
  • If you happen to drop this quote on your cab driver while on your honeymoon, he or she may give you lots of recommendations for the best places to eat where the locals go. One couple we know, during their honeymoon to Chicago, shared that their cabbie turned off the meter for them and drove them past notable tourist sites and great views, giving them the history and notable facts about the city! Bonus!

Don't forget to swoon about it to the hotel too and...

  • Possibly get upgraded to a better room or suite with a better view and in-room features like a canopy bed, a rainfall showerhead, a Jacuzzi and so on.
  • The resort may send up free Champagne and a fruit platter or flowers to your room as a welcome.
  • You could find luxury spa robes in your hotel room, a presidential suite perk given to you just because you're VIPs.
  • Suddenly you could find yourselves granted access to the resort's first class lounge, a separate, keycard-access lounge where their celebrity guests relax and enjoy a drink.
  • You may get free treatments at the resort's spa or free access to the resort's tennis club or golf course. If not free, there's a good chance at getting a special discount or some sort of honeymoon deal!
  • Make friends with the concierge who might also need to know you two are honeymooners! Many concierges are able to give out free concert and show tickets, free passes to museums and aquariums and/or discounts at local attractions to VIP guests. Or at the very least they may be able to make a phone call to get you into the hottest restaurant or club in town.
  • Perhaps even, if you're super lucky, the hotel could give you free use of their limousine or town car for your formal dinners out, rather than having to take a taxi!
  • We've also heard that honeymooners can be granted early check-in or late check-out with no extra charges.

Show off your new wedding rings on the town and...

  • At restaurants, it could get you the best, most romantic table in the place.
  • Restaurant and bar owners may send over a complimentary bottle of wine or Champagne, or buy you a round of drinks.
  • Don't be surprised if other diners buy you a drink when they hear you're on your honeymoon. Longtime married couples love to "get the happy couple off to a great start" by doing something sweet to make their day.

Just one warning!

We definitely don't suggest getting power-hungry with your Honeymooner VIP status or everything could very well backfire. It's best to always be subtle and gracious when mentioning you're on your honeymoon, and simply watch and see what happens...

Mostly, keep in mind that regardless of what's given or not, your main focus should be on what's most important. And that's spending time and bonding with the love of your life you just married.

You know what they say, "Love don't cost a thing."

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