Staying fit after the honeymoon is over

I am sure you had a relaxing and romantic honeymoon with your husband (get used to saying it). Now that you are unpacking your bikini, developing your photos and settling in to your new life as husband and wife I bet you are asking yourself, ‘How do I keep up my pre-wedding motivation and weight loss?’

After the big day, many brides ask that same question, wondering how to stay motivated and keep active now that they are no longer planning for the biggest day of their lives. I am here to tell you
that it is absolutely possible to stay motivated forever (just like your marriage).

Here are a few tricks to get you going:

Cocktail parties, office to-dos and family outings

Sit down in your war room — be it your living room, office or bedroom — and pull your calendar. Make a list of all the events and special evenings you have planned for the next six months. Are you
going to a reunion? Is there an upcoming office party that requires a new cocktail dress? How about a romantic evening with your husband that requires lingerie? There are a plethora of events to
chose from so with pen in hand put them in your calendar. Use them as motivation every week and ever day. You will be amazed at how many things you have to work toward.Now that you know your goal dates, begin working backwards. What would you like to accomplish by those dates? Did you gain a few pounds on your honeymoon that you want to lose by your next big work
presentation? Is there a new outfit that would look great on you if you only added some definition to your calves? Be realistic and be honest. Armed with this knowledge you can continue to maintain
and even reach new goals.

5 pound danger zone

Horrified that you are going to regain all that excess weight you lost before the wedding? Like most of us blushing brides, the weeks after the wedding almost seem like a huge let down. Suddenly you
return to old habits, eating junk food at lunch and skipping out on the gym because you are too tired.Many recruits in our Bootcamp360 regiments set a “Danger Zone” for themselves so that they don’t slink back into their old habits and ruin all
that hard earned sweat. Set a 5-pound “Danger Zone” rule. If you are 5-pounds heavier than you were on the day of your wedding than its time to really assess your habits and kick it up a notch.
Setting this “Zone” will keep you from gaining 10 pounds or more before you know it and we all know how quickly that can happen.

Everyday activity

The best way to stay fit is simple: live a fit, active life. Research shows that getting 20 extra 5-minute activities during the day can burn an extra 300 to 400 calories. You don’t even need to
change into your workout clothes or break into a sweat. Simply turn once sedentary tasks into active exercises. The list below gives you an example of many of the activities you can do every day to
increase your calorie expenditure. I am sure you can add a few of your own as well.

  • Park far away from the grocery store/ mall
  • Get up and talk to a co-worker instead of emailing
  • Stand up while speaking on the phone
  • Take laundry up the stairs in a few loads
  • Take a quick walk around the block after dinner
  • Sit on an exercise ball instead of a couch while watching TV
  • Use TV commercials to do lunges, squats and sit-ups
  • Vigorous housecleaning and gardening
    While none of these activities should replace your workouts, they will certainly help you burn more calories and boost your energy. Think of them as a bonus to your daily workouts.


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