4 Tips for office romance

Wherever will you find your next true love? For many adults, the workplace is rife with dating possibilities — it is where we spend most of our waking hours, and thus have most of our social interactions. If you’re looking for love while on the job, make sure you follow these tips to realize happiness for your heart and your career.

Know the rules

While many companies are easing up on their fraternization policies, some couplings are still definite HR no-nos. If you or your intended are in any way privy to or responsible for the other’s career path or salary, stay far away. Check the employee handbook before making your move.


Consider the consequences

If you break up, you still have to see this person every day. You still have to go to meetings together, knowing that he slept with your best friend plus whatever other ugliness occurred. And don’t underestimate the power of vindictiveness — those sweet nothings you told him in confidence could come back to haunt you. Not to mention the fact that your coworkers will be uncomfortable if they feel they have to choose sides.

Keep it on the DL

No one wants to hear the two of you making kissy noises at each other over your cubicle wall — or worse, actually kissing in the break room. Keep it business in the office and anywhere around your coworkers.

Discuss the issues first

Be grown up about the realities of your relationship. How will you handle the questions of your coworkers and superiors? What happens if it gets serious, or one of you gets promoted? Will one look for a job with a different company? Which one? Pretty serious questions for a fledgling relationship — and that alone should give you pause.

Just because it seems so romantic on TV doesn’t mean the concept will work as well for you and the office hottie. So think carefully about how this could make life more complicated than fun!

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