Sex Toy Review: The Blueberry Buzz

Aug 19, 2007 at 4:37 p.m. ET

The Blueberry Buzz is a cute, blue slimline vibrator that is six inches long and one inch in diameter.

This vibrator is made of a hard plastic material unlike some of the others that I have reviewed at this point. One thing that makes this trendy vibrator special is that it's waterproof. If you want to have some bathtub fun you shouldn't have to worry about getting this toy wet or submerging it in water. While the Blueberry Buzz is listed as a vibrator, I would recommend this for a first time user if you are looking for vibrations. Otherwise, it would suit someone that is looking for a small to medium vibrations vibrator. Even when this is on high it is not strong enough for someone who likes the feel of a strong, pulsating vibrator. If you are Hitachi fan for example, this would not compare to the vibrations that you get with your Hitachi. The Blueberry Buzz would also work well if you were using it during sex as a clitoral stimulator. You could stimulate your clitoris while your lover penetrated you. However, as a standalone toy it may not be powerful enough for all women. If you are looking for penetration on the other hand the Blueberry Buzz could be just what the doctor ordered. There are three ridges that provide bumps of different sizes before the vibrator slims down to its one inch diameter for good. These slight changes make penetration much more enjoyable. The vibrator is not too big or small and it's certainly not too thick. This makes it wonderful for someone new to sex or someone that wants a beginner toy. If you're looking for something fun to play with but inexpensive this would work out well for you. This vibrator should run you less than $25 depending on where you go. Many places, such as will have it for under $20. If you were to buy it there you could either get it online or depending on the area they may have a local store near you. The Blueberry Buzz takes two double "A" batteries. Putting in the batteries is just a matter of untwisting the cap and slipping them in plus side first. The top of the cap can be twisted to turn the vibrator on and off and to dictate how hard you want the vibrations to be. The sound is moderate and is easily muffled with just about anything. All in all, the Blueberry Buzz is a good side or couple vibrator for the experienced and a good vibrator for the newer sex toy user looking for something on the tame side. If you want to check out the Blueberry Buzz visit Babeland as they offer this and many other toys at reasonable prices. The Blueberry Buzz receives 2 out of 5 stars for the experienced but would rank higher for someone new to toys.