New wedding bands let you feel your spouse's heartbeat

Aug 11, 2016 at 10:06 a.m. ET
Image: TheTouch

If you have ever been away from your spouse for any extended period of time and longed to feel him or her next to you, their heart beating strong and clear, you are in luck. A new wedding band from The Touch will allow you to feel your spouse's heartbeat from a "million miles away" (as Van Morrison would sing). How cool is that?

Angelina may have worn a vial of Billy Bob's blood, but this is so much cooler.

As the wife of a man who travels way too much, I would love to have this. I can't say my husband's heartbeat plays too much into our lives, but I love sleeping with my head on his chest and being aware of its beat and feeling comforted by his life and presence. I would imagine I could get that similar feeling from a ring.

The ring works through Bluetooth, so it is actually your spouse's heartbeat in real time. As if they were right next to you. This could work wonders for marriages, since travel is a huge stressor on marriage. Maybe if you feel close to each other in body and soul, you wouldn't be tempted to cheat or shut down emotionally.

The rings cost $599, which is a bargain. They also come in solid rose gold or stainless steel, depending on the look you like. The sensor responds to a double tap and lets you feel your partner's heart live. The ring also lights up to the beat. See below: