Sorry Taylor, you're probably rushing the meeting the parents stage

Jun 27, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Image: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Taylor Swift does not do things like the ordinary folks — and she doesn't have to. She went from one Hollywood relationship to the next and introduced Tom Hiddleston to her parents fairly quickly. While Hollywood starlets and famous people may have different dating patterns than the rest of us, what about meeting family and parents? Should celebrities follow a timeline that most of the rest of us would or do they make their own rules?

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I think there is a general guideline to follow when introducing someone you are dating to your family, and I would suggest even Hollywood stars follow the guideline. Of course, all situations depend on how each person feels about introducing the folks — maybe sooner seems better for some.

If you have been dating someone for some time — maybe a few months — and both people have a general understanding that the relationship is moving forward, it might be time to introduce them to your family or parents. If you've been dating less than a month — even if you feel an amazing fairy-tale connection — I would hold off for to make sure that the relationship isn't just in the honeymoon stage, and blinded by a fast-pace romance.

Taking time and letting a relationship grow is fine, and you can bring in your family and friends when you feel secure that the relationship is growing in the right direction. There is no rush, and rushing does not produce better results. If some of your family lives out of town, planning a trip to visit them with your new beau is another step toward commitment. Taking your time and being thoughtful about your decisions will be appreciated by all.

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The Hollywood dating life that appears in our social media feeds can make the typical appear boring. Remember, all that sparkles is not necessarily the healthiest or committed union. There is so much media attention given to celebrity couplings, but their relationships are not the gold standard for love.

There are so many of us around that can create healthy and wonderful relationships without all the fanfare. We can be so happy with the little things and focus on the commitment more than what fancy places we are going to or traveling to. Grand gestures have nothing to do with a successful relationship. Some of the best conversations can occur at a local coffee shop or on a walk in the park.

Take your time and focus on positive things, small gestures and consistency. These create a great beginning to a relationship. When you feel that the two of you are in sync, invite parents and friends to meet your new beau and go from there. The stability of the relationship should give you a clue as to when to bring others into this, such as parents or family.

Once you introduce your family or parents, you can build from there and begin to incorporate family and friends into your lives in more ways — holidays, visits or dinners. Timing is everything, and more time is better in this case.

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