The 'strawberry moon' could really shake up your love life

Jun 20, 2016 at 9:00 p.m. ET

People are freaking out about the “strawberry moon” — but not necessarily for the right reasons. The internet often blows our regular old lunar cycles waaay out of proportion — especially when they come with cool names courtesy of the Farmer’s Almanac or Native American lore.

This lunation (another name for full and new moons) is indeed rare, but mostly because it coincides with the summer solstice — that hasn’t happened in nearly 70 years. But what you really care about is how this full moon affects your love life, right? Of course you do. (I know how you roll.)

First, consider this: The astrology of the last few weeks has been a shit storm of epic proportions. Between the Saturn/Neptune square, Neptune retrograde, Mars retrograde, and before that, Mercury retrograde, we’re all fried and our wires are beyond frayed. But there’s good news: Most of the cosmic rough stuff is over for now, at least in the immediate. Use the summer solstice/full moon as salve for your weary soul.

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This is the second full moon in a row in the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer (that also makes this particular full moon fairly rare). Sagittarius folk are all about freedom, independence and speaking their minds without hesitation or reservation. This sign constantly seeks adventure and can live on a steady diet of pure wanderlust. When the full moon lands in Sadge, as it did late last May and as it’s doing again today, we can find ourselves running for the exit, relationship-wise.

Note: Along with the free-spirited streak you’re feeling now, courtesy of the full moon, there is also a strong sense of domesticity and emotional sensitivity seeping into the astro-matrix. That’s because the sun just moved into the warm, nurturing sign of Cancer, where it will remain for the next four weeks. The polarity, given the confluence of the full moon in Sadge and the sun in Cancer, is one of independence versus neediness. You might see this theme playing out in your own relationships over the next few days.

If you’re in a long-term partnership...

You may have found yourself stricken with a profound longing to shake things up, stat. Hearing your significant other’s same old, same old stories can drive you bananas under the influence of this lunation.

If there’s been any sense of boredom in recent weeks or months (or years in some cases), the last few days might have been quite explosive. Note that all full and new moons have energetic windows that begin three days before and last three days after they are exact — you might continue to feel this full moon through Wednesday evening of this week.

But don’t worry — even if you already said the wrong thing and put your foot directly in your mouth, you can still fix it. All you have to do is add some Sagittarian spice to the mix. That can be quite literal; ask your bae to dinner and take him or her to the closest yet most exotic ethnic dive. It’s the best option next to jetting off to Marrakesh, but since that’s likely not in the immediate cards, going somewhere local, yet off the beaten path, can do in a pinch.

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And if you can’t even get your butts out to dinner this week, there is one thing you can do anytime you please: Turn up the kink in the bedroom. Under a Sagittarius full moon it’s necessary to make sex more exciting, or it will fall flat. Don’t do the same thing you always do. Experiment with positions, locations (floors and bathroom sinks, if the living room is scattered with kids' toys) and fantasies. Both of you might find that you want to be someone else tonight.

If you’re single...

You’ve probably found yourself wildly swiping right in the hopes of connecting with someone cool and different — anything to break up the monotony. Rather than throwing a dart at the proverbial wall to see what sticks, feel free to be selective. Then bring in the Sagittarian spirit by going on one of the craziest first dates you’ve ever considered before.

This full moon asks you to let out your inner gypsy spirit, whatever that means for you. Be wild, be fiery (even if you’re not a fire sign) and just let go. So you have to be up for work in the morning? So what? (Remember to pack some condoms in your purse.)

Bottom line

Because this full moon stresses independence, you don’t have to go out or get naked with anyone at all. It’s not exactly about detachment (that will be the theme for the Aquarius full moon in August) but it is about not needing anyone but yourself to have a good damn time. If you don’t have a date with a mate or an FWB lined up, dance like no one’s watching, be a dork and entertain yourself. What Sagittarius loves above all is laughing his ass off. Take a note from the stars and do that tonight, whether you’re with someone or going solo.