The geekiest marriage proposal ever will make you tear up with happiness

May 30, 2016 at 8:07 p.m. ET

Look, everyone is going to need to chill out with the amazing marriage proposals, because no one is going to pass this level.

Shane Birkinbine figured out the secret to winning the proposal — and the love — game by creating a custom level to Super Mario Bros. using Nintendo's Super Mario Maker. He filmed as his girlfriend, Pam Edwards, played the level. He made it so the various blocks spelled out her name and "will you marry me?".

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The super-happy — and surprised — Edwards said yes before finishing the level.


The pair shares a love for all things geeky, including gaming and Star Wars, according to his Facebook page. But what Birkinbine loves the most is definitely his fiancé.

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"She said yes!!!" he wrote on Facebook. "I'm so blessed to have met Pam who has the kindest heart for people. She's been so patient and shown me what love truly is. Sometimes we meet that person later in life."

He summed up the perfect proposal with a simple message on YouTube, along with the proposal video.

"Geeks do it better!"

Yes, they do!

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