The future of Gwen and Blake's romance, settled by their zodiac signs

Mar 21, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. ET
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To some, post-punk pop princess Gwen Stefani and country boy Blake Shelton might still be a strange pairing, but their astrology tells a different story. Even though they come from entirely different worlds, their made-in-heaven compatibility chart is perfectly tailored for an exquisitely romantic honeymoon phase — with plenty of emotional depth on tap. 

They fell for each other after difficult divorces from fellow musicians (Gwen from Gavin Rossdale and Blake from Miranda Lambert — both intense, broody Scorpios). No wonder these two singers/lovebirds have so much to commiserate over.

Gwen is a Libra, born Oct. 3, 1969. Blake’s a Gemini, born June 18, 1976. They’re perfect for each other on the day-to-day level — on the surface, they’re both chatty, charming air signs. Gemini and Libra “trine” each other — that’s just a way of saying that they get along swimmingly.

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Gwen’s divorce from Rossdale was finalized last October, right near the new moon in Libra — a powerful, life-changing transit for her. The bold path she blazed then is bearing fruit now, on the cusp of the full moon/lunar eclipse in her sign on March 23 — exactly six months later. It’s no wonder that her new album, This is What the Truth Feels Like, an emotional treatise about her marriage, dropped last week. Eclipses are made for releasing and letting go, and Gwen is doing that on multiple levels.

Interestingly, Blake also announced his divorce from Lambert shortly after the new moon in Gemini last summer. The synergy is undeniable.

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Air signs revel in intelligent conversation, so it’s not surprising that Gwen and Blake connected through their mutual roles on The Voice. Sun sign compatibility, especially between Libra women and Gemini men, creates relationships that seem made for prime time — this astro-pairing loves to see and be seen. That’s why this hot couple seems to be everywhere right now. They have no intentions of hiding their love affair from the public. On the contrary: They revel in sharing their storybook romance with their fans.

But their connection runs much, much deeper. While the Sun plays an important role in their relationship, their Moon placements tell a more important story. While the sun symbolizes your persona — the part of you that you’re willing to share with the world — the moon represents your inner landscape — your psyche. Both Gwen and Blake have their moons in water signs — Gwen in Pisces and Blake in Cancer. Even more than their sun placements, this rapport between their moons deepens their connection. There is some real intimacy happening here — and a likely psychic bond.

Despite all that delicious compatibility, Gwen and Blake do have one barrier to lifelong love: Their partner chart is almost too easy. Relationships require a bit of friction to stay exciting (especially in the bedroom), and these two get along so blessedly well that they might feel more like brother and sister than lovers — sooner rather than later. They’ll have to work to keep the fires of passion burning or they might grow bored with each other in bed. The initial attraction, of course, is totally fierce, but if they move in together, domesticity can quickly kill the erotic tension.

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They can work through this, however; it’s not a long-term deal-breaker. As they grow closer and more connected, learning each other’s secrets and building trust and emotional intimacy, they must be careful to keep at least a few secrets. Not the kind that can end relationships — the fun kind. Too much familiarity breeds monotony, so Blake and Gwen must recall the mystery and magic that made them fall for each other in the first place.

If they can remember to push each other's erotic boundaries on the regular, these two air signs will surely keep the fire burning for years.

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