Woman hears for the first time and her boyfriend immediately proposes

Mar 17, 2016 at 5:45 p.m. ET

People are getting pretty creative with marriage proposals these days, but the simplest ones are usually the best.

NOTE: The below video has been removed by the couple.

Case in point: This is, hands down, the cutest proposal ever.

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It all started when a woman went to have her cochlear implant turned on for the first time so she could hear. She begins to cry when the technician turns on her implant. Soon after, her boyfriend began to speak.

"I wanted to make one of the first things you hear," the man says as he pulls a small ring box out of his pocket. She soon realizes what's about to happen and then starts crying again.


"I love you so much," he continues. "You're my best friend, baby... will you marry me?" She says an enthusiastic yes as her mom and the technician look on. "I got a ring!" she yells.

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"I love you, baby," he says to his surprised girlfriend. "Your voice!" she says before they kiss again. "So much is going on!"

It's probably safe to admit that it's one of the happiest — if not the happiest — days of her life.

"Very happy," the woman adds when asked how she feels — and we can't help but feel pretty ecstatic for her, too!

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