Man’s Valentine’s Day proposal turns out to be a mean trick (VIDEO)

When renowned online prankster Brad Holmes wrote on Facebook, “So I got down on one knee today,” anyone aware of his antics would be sceptical.

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But it appears that his long-suffering partner Jenny Davies was caught up in the seemingly romantic moment, covering her face in shock as Holmes goes down on one knee.

“You know you make me the happiest man in the world. I’m shaking but I love you to bits, you know that, right?” he says to her. “I want you to make me the happiest man in the world. I have got a question to ask you,” he goes on, as he produces a small box from his pocket.

The tension builds during the next few seconds… before Holmes opens the box to reveal a tea bag and asks Davies, “will you make me a cup of tea?”


But it’s been great for Holmes’ online fame, as the clip has been viewed over 10 million times in 24 hours.

The video shows Davies react as you would expect her to: taking the box and chucking it behind her while she storms out of the room swearing.

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However, Holmes insists his girlfriend has already forgiven him, telling MailOnline: “I grovelled for a bit and played it back to her and she saw the funny side. I got my cup of tea within 15 to 20 minutes. She was a bit annoyed about it but she knows what I’m like.”

He even posted a picture of his cup of tea to Facebook to prove he was back in Davies’ good books.

Brad's Dad fake Valentine's Day proposal
Image: Brad’s Dad/Facebook

According to MailOnline, Davies was already considering the possibility that Holmes would propose because it was Valentine’s Day.

But she said: “I calmed down when he told me ‘I wouldn’t do it like that’. I was in my pyjamas sat on the sofa. I thought after I was glad it hadn’t happened like that, not to be ungrateful.”

Davies admitted she started crying when Holmes got down on one knee, but said: “Brad didn’t mean to hurt or upset me in the video.”

But this is the Internet, people, and who really knows the truth? Perhaps Davies was in on the joke. Perhaps Holmes had to make his own tea. Or perhaps he will soon give Davies the (genuine) proposal she’s longing for.

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