14 best tweets in celebration of #SinglesAwarenessDay

If yesterday’s Facebook-splosion of love and affection didn’t sit quite right with you, you’re in good company. Valentine’s Day may be a holiday made for romance, but hey, singles need love too.

Fortunately someone thought of a way to make Valentine’s Day friendly to all humankind, not just the people who are coupled up. You may have noticed a “dark horse” trending on Facebook on Feb. 14 — a new little holiday called Singles Awareness Day that is just as rad as it sounds.

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It’s not an official holiday yet (and Hallmark has yet to get on board), but Singles Awareness Day, now celebrated on Feb. 14 or 15, is shaping up to be the next big thing. Being single is a more-than-valid life choice, with single adults now outnumbering married adults in the U.S., and it’s high time there was a holiday to prove it.

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As if you needed another great reason to rock on with your solo self, here are some of the best tweets in celebration of #SinglesAwarenessDay this year:

1. Because Jerry Maguire had it all wrong

2. Because you know your worth

3. Because chicks before… you know

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4. Burrito wins out over baby every time

5. It helps when you remember that Valentine’s Day is just a social construct

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