Bride creates life-size wedding cake shaped like her and her husband

Nov 21, 2015 at 11:23 p.m. ET

Preparing for a wedding is stressful enough, but one U.K. bride decided to amp things up about 50 notches by baking her own wedding cake.

And no, she didn't go with a simple sheet cake, or even a tiered cake. Instead, the baking enthusiast opted to make a life-size version of her and her husband-to-be.

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Northern Ireland native Lara Mason has been baking as a hobby for four years, including some pretty intricate designs. "I have made loads of life-size cakes before with Prince George and Jennifer Lawrence being my most recognized," she told Express and Star.

The final product — which looks remarkably like her and her husband — took three days and weighed over 300 pounds between the two cakes. She's holding a cocktail glass, while husband Nikki Mason wears a beer funnel hat. It took over 40 pounds of icing and 40 pounds of chocolate cake to master.

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"I created myself as the happy bride on our wedding day with Nikki drinking cans of lager from a 'marriage survival kit' as a way of coping with getting married to me," she told the Western Press. "It took me around 20 hours to create where usually I would spend about 150 hours on a cake of that size so it was a little rushed."

"After having the competition and making Prince George the week before I only had three days to make this one. Everyone loved it though, my hubby was especially proud that I got it done in the short time scale."

And as for how it tasted? Well, the Masons never got to try her hard work.

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"I actually left the cake at the [reception hall] for the players to cut up and enjoy," she added.

But all the hard work was worth it to show off a cake that demonstrated their unique personalities. "Everyone loved the cake. It was quirky and original, just like us really."