Dad uses his newborn daughter in adorable hospital proposal (WATCH)

Oct 20, 2015 at 1:10 a.m. ET

Every once in a while, a proposal story comes along that's so darn adorable, you can't help but go "awwww!" This is one of those stories.

Michael Miles from Mississippi had been gearing up to propose to his girlfriend, Triston Lowery, for some time now, but knew he wanted to incorporate something extra special in the moment. And what could be more special than the couple's newborn baby girl?

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According to Miles, his now-fiancée had no idea about the impending proposal and was actually somewhat annoyed that it hadn't happened yet. “She couldn’t figure out why we weren’t getting engaged,” Miles told BuzzFeed News. Little did she know he was just waiting for their adorable daughter, Lynleigh, to make her world debut and play a pivotal role in the ask. Here's the adorable result*****.


If you're not curled up in a knot of "ermahgerds" over this cuteness, then you didn't watch it right. The social media sphere can't seem to get enough of this footage. It's been viewed over 230,000 times already and has been shared over 4,000 times (did I mention it was only put up two days ago?).

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My personal favorite thing about this video is how totally speechless the surprise leaves Lowery. I mean, honestly, can you blame her? She just had a baby, so her emotions are already welling right at the surface, then her boyfriend drops one of the biggest life moment bombs on the front of their brand new baby who she's cradling in her arms. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd be a giant bucket of tears, too. She said yes, of course, although we don't quite hear her response as much as see it.

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The ingenious proposal idea belongs to Miles' mom, Debra Norris Sadowski. He told BuzzFeed he knew he wanted to use his soon-to-be daughter in some way, but couldn't figure out how. His mom suggested using the too-cute onesie to relay the message. I think, based on the video above, her idea was a rousing success, and now little Lynleigh can say she brought her parents together in more ways than one.

*****The video has been taken down since this story went live.