What sext messages would look like brought to life (VIDEO)

Oct 7, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Ah, sexting — that fun, not-appropriate-for-work, textual behavior people participate in when they're looking to hook up. Whether you've known your target for years, or only set eyes on their dating app screen name, sexting is your not-so-secret weapon to letting them know you're interested.

Sexting has pretty much been around since people could text. However, with the development of apps like Tinder, it's taken on a much less subtle, much more disturbing quality. People, especially heterosexual men, use the pseudo-anonymity to get real personal, real quick, so text conversations go from zero to X-rated in mere seconds.

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Because it's so removed (especially if you've never met the person), guys feel like they can say whatever they want to a girl, and the worst she can do is end the conversation. However, what if that weren't the case? The Daily Dot decided to imagine a world where sexts, in all their awkward glory, only happen in person, and the resulting video will have you do a spit take.


If your favorite moment was when the guy dumps eggplants on his girl target, then we're definitely friends. Yes, the video does feel slightly skewed, since we only see the guy doing the sexting, and obviously guys aren't the only ones who do it. However, based on the countless Tumblr pages dedicated to guys' opening lines on Tinder, I think it's safe to say they tend to monopolize the world of inane and offensive sexting.

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The video was directed by Daily Dot's Director of Audience Engagement, Matt Silverman. He and his team were turned on to the concept by one of their contributing writers, Jaya Saxena, and developed it alongside Daily Dot's lifestyle writer, Marisa Kabas. When it came down to casting, Silverman knew the perfect ladies for the job — Jen Jamula and Allie Goldberg, creators of the theatrical sensation Blogologues.

Silverman told SheKnows, "I've worked with these talented ladies on a few video projects before, and I've been a huge fan of their live shows for a while now." Simply put, Blogologues is the Internet performed on stage. Jamula and Goldberg pick a theme for each show, then scour the Internet for relevant blog posts, tweets, reviews and photos that they then find a way to theatricalize.

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Thankfully, this hilarious video will be far from the last you'll see starring the Blogologues girls. They're looking to bring their Internet theatre back onto the Net via a webseries called "2 Girls 1 Show." Jamula told SheKnows, "We're fascinated by how new media morphs identity, communication and relationships. We'll be looking at all of this in the series through real interviews and subsequently getting into our own shenanigans as we search for boyfriends on Bronymate, for example, or learn how to make 'cocktails' with the author of Semenology."

These ladies know just how to probe the Internet to find the most funny, and often delightfully disturbing stories. If "Sexting in Real Life" is any indication, we're in for some gleefully raunchy shorts from them in the not-too-distant future. You can help them get there sooner by donating to their web project on Indiegogo.