St. Louis Rams cheerleader gets surprise of her life during game (VIDEO)

Any woman whose husband travels for business (or man whose wife travels) understands the thrill when they come home. But for military spouses, that feeling comes on a whole other level.

Which is why there wasn’t a dry eye in the house this weekend when St. Louis Rams cheerleader Candace Valentine got the surprise of her life from her marine husband, August Valentine.

Marine 1st Lt. August Valentine had just returned from Afghanistan and made his first stop at the Rams’ preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts to see his wife, Candace, a Rams cheerleader.

She had no idea. See below:

So sweet, right?

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Apparently the Valentines are childhood sweethearts and both are members of the military, which makes this all the more sweet. I can only imagine how she must be feeling in this moment. As the wife of someone who travels a fair amount, I know how happy I am when he returns from a trip. I imagine it must be that times 1,000 for a military spouse.

Not only do military spouses go months (and sometimes even years) without seeing their loved one, they also have to live with the fear that comes from never fully knowing how their spouse is faring. There is, of course, added danger and, very often, a lack of communication as well. The stress is really unimaginable for those of us who have never experienced it. So moments like these are so lovely to see.

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Couples make it through hard times. They make it through long separations and they come out the other side more in love and more grateful than ever. We are lucky we got to share in this moment. It kind of makes you believe in true love, does it not?

May they have many happy years ahead of them and get everything they deserve.


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