Why I checked the Ashley Madison hack for my husband (and you should too!)

Aug 25, 2015 at 2:22 p.m. ET
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The Ashley Madison hack is affecting millions of people, including "celebrities" like Josh Duggar and Snooki's husband. But for regular people, it might seem a little silly to go and plug your spouse into the email searcher. But the fact is, regular people cheat too. And how.

Ashley Madison is a website used by would-be cheaters to meet other would-be cheaters. There are roughly 36 million users and the hack has made all of their emails available in a searchable database. Think of it as "To Catch a Cheater" from the privacy of your own home. But is your husband on it?

The truth is, when I first heard about the hack, I laughed a bit. Yes, it is an invasion of privacy and that is (and should be) disturbing to anyone who uses the Internet for anything at all. But also, it is an incredibly sleazy thing in the first place. So how sorry should we really feel for these people?

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I had extreme confidence. And so I decided to check my husbands emails. All five of them. Of course he popped up empty, so unless he is using some super secret email address I know nothing about, I am in the clear. But was the fact that I plugged his name in a sign of distrust? I don't think so at all.

My husband is just not the cheating type. I know this with 100 percent certainty. Trust me on this. That said, even the most certain of relationships can falter. Did I know his email wouldn't be there? Yes. Did I want to do my due diligence anyway. Heck yes. And so should you.

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Look, if your spouse is on Ashley Madison, you have to have a talk. Better to know now and deal with it than find out later in divorce court. Ashley Madison is a sad reality for many married people are simply unhappy with their lives. They feel trapped. They feel afraid. Could your spouse be one of them? With 36 million accounts, I'd say anything is possible. Check. You'll feel better. Or not. But at least it will be all in the open.

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