We asked men how they really feel about Tinder (VIDEO)

Aug 18, 2015 at 12:45 p.m. ET

Hook up apps and casual dating websites have been getting a lot of flack lately because people are afraid they're encouraging commitment-phobia. As a result, millennials, who predominantly use these outlets, are being blamed for the "death of relationships."

That said, despite their generation's tendency to rely on them, they're not always 100 percent in support of what the apps and sites are doing. One girl wrote in The New York Times that apps like Tinder make it difficult to be truly honest about wanting more than a hook up. On the other hand, there are users like Dan, an investment banker who told Vanity Fair matter-of-factly, "It's like ordering [food delivery], but you're ordering a person."

Most point fingers at men for why hook-up sites are watering down relationships today — because they cater to a more casual dating style, which stereotypically appeals more to men. And women are just pressured to play along.

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We decided to get to the bottom of the controversy by asking guys outright what they really think about Tinder and other dating apps.

Right off the bat, you see there's actually a huge spectrum of opinions. The first guy only used the app for a week, and felt it was "the biggest waste of time," while another guy currently uses two dating apps simultaneously, and goes on once or twice a day. I don't know about you, but I think that much dating energy would make my head explode.

I was relieved to hear that many of them don't like the nature of Tinder. One guy even said "You can't marry someone you met on Tinder," which shows you how they regard the "matches" that come out of it. True, it sounds a bit discriminating, but it also points to the problem with an app that allows you to base matches almost entirely off of a picture.

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One dude does say that a lot of people are truly looking for more than a hookup on Tinder, despite common misconceptions. However, the very next take of him is him swiping left on a girl just because she's wearing a fedora, so his words don't exactly back up his actions.

The general consensus seems to be that dating and relationships are scary, and apps like Tinder make it seem like you're more in control. But the downside is that you stop seeing matches as people, just pictures that you can swipe away. Or as one guy so aptly states, "It's like going to a store... like 'oh, this one could be cute.' It's definitely not the nicest activity, but when you think that some girl is doing the same thing to your picture, it gets easier."

I tend to agree with the guy wearing the Bob Marley shirt who said, "relationships should be tougher." If you don't have to put in much effort to get "the one," won't you be less inclined to put in the effort to make it last?

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