Bagging a billionaire boyfriend seems like a lot of hard work

Aug 8, 2015 at 3:21 a.m. ET
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So this is 2015. Women can work and earn their own money and everything. But, despite this, it seems that some don't fancy that and would rather bag themselves a rich man. Which is absolutely fine, if that's your sort of thing.

For anyone curious about how to go about finding a wealthy guy, professional matchmaker Lady Lara Asprey, a.k.a. "The Sloane Arranger," is offering some helpful tips.

On ITV's This Morning this week, Asprey told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford that women should avoid dinner and the cinema on the first date. Oh and getting too drunk is a no-no — although she didn't define "too drunk." Which all kind of makes sense (for men too, naturally). However feminist hackles may rise at her recommendation that ladies shouldn't pay for anything on the first two dates.

Lady Asprey, 32, has had a fair amount of matchmaking success, after launching her own dating site to match those "from a good background," when she realised she had so many "charming and eligible" single friends who weren't meeting the right sort of people.

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Following her This Morning appearance, Lady Asprey gave Huffington Post some more helpful tips for finding an eligible man:

1. Don't try to be sexy

"A lot of the time women start to feel insecure when they are single and so make the mistake of trying to get attention from chaps by putting more skin on show," says Asprey. "They might go out and dress to impress in the wrong ways which only gives off the wrong impression. It's important to leave something to the imagination and maintain a sense of elegance and mystery."

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2. Ditch your favourite haunts

"It's important for women to not just think of heading to their favourite wine bar and think more strategically about where might be a great place to meet men.

"For example sports matches always draw in lots of chaps so it doesn't hurt to get clued (sic) about which big matches are on when and where they are being televised.

"From there you can place yourself in prime position in the room so that not only will all eyes be on the screen, but you're going (sic) very likely to get noticed too (just make sure you're not obstructing any views as it won't do you any favours)."

3. Oh and ditch your mates too

"Try to keep your outings with your girlfriends to no more than three friends at a time," says Asprey. "You don't want to intimidate chaps from approaching or talking to you and there's often nothing more terrifying than a large group of attractive women."

Am I the only one who's not willing to cover up my whole body and hang out in a sports bar — without my posse of good-looking ladies — in order to attract a man? Heck, I'd rather be single, wearing whatever I like, having a great time wherever and with whomever I like. Lady Asprey's tips just seem too much like hard work to me.

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