4 Men Miss Piggy could rebound with now that she's a free woman

Aug 5, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. ET
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Once it hits the celebrity gossip channels, you know it must be true — the infamous Muppet couple, Kermit and Miss Piggy have officially split.

As a longtime Muppet fan and cheerleader for their tumultuous relationship, I am deeply saddened by this news. However, I must admit, despite their violent outbursts in the past, the former Mr. and Mrs. Frog are handling it quite well, so far. They still plan to work together on their new series, which airs Sept. 22 on ABC, but knowing the hot-headed actress, this mature politeness won't last. Even Ms. Piggy's statement about being "professional" on set, teetered on prickly.

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“One of us is certainly professional,” she told Slash Film. “Guess who that is. I have no problem working with my ex, okay. It’s fine. You know what, dating moi is like flying close to the sun. It was inevitable that Kermit would drop down to the ground while I stay in the heavens.” 

Naturally, the mercurial pig will be on the hunt for a new leading man, especially since Kermit has announced he's seeing a new pig named Denise. And you'll be glad to know we have some ideas on who might be her next victim, er, boyfriend.

1. Jason Segel

Image: Muppet.wikia

Miss Piggy worked with Mr. Segel on the first new Muppet Movie in 2011, and while the two claim to have kept it professional during filming, it's undeniable that sparks were flying in their scenes together. Or perhaps that was just Gonzo preparing his human cannonball act....

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2. Fozzie Bear

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Now Fozzie and Miss Piggy have had quite a history together as the lady and best friend of Kermit. It would be the ultimate revenge dating scheme for Piggy to go for him right after this epic split with her one true love Kermie. If it happens, it likely won't last long, especially because she's never been a huge fan of his jokes, which we all know, he can't help making every couple of minutes. I definitely see someone's heart, or other body part, being broken if this relationship blossoms.

3. Topher Grace

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The former That 70's Show star will be playing himself on the upcoming Muppet Show series, and rumor has it, he's single again. While he's not a frog, nor is he green, he has a similar build to Kermit, and his self-deprecating humor may be just the right combination to woo Miss Piggy out of her post-breakup malaise. However, if he proves to be too much like her ex, he may find himself on the wrong end of a tumultuous, rebound relationship.

4. Animal

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Hey, sometimes you just need that raw, animalistic romance to get over the former love of your life, am I right? Plus, he might be the only one who can handle her crazy temper tantrums.

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