The old-fashioned diaphragm just got a serious upgrade

Jul 22, 2015 at 4:02 p.m. ET

I took a course in sexual education during my senior year of high school. We discussed the consequences of unprotected sex, how both male and female parties should protect themselves against sexually transmitted disease, and how to prevent unintentional pregnancies. Standard.

As I hid behind rows of students in the far left-hand corner of the room, listening to my teacher go on about the male condom and birth control pills A through Z, it occurred to me then that while, yes, women do have a few contraceptive options, the majority of these options are hormonal.

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Enter the Caya, the newest contraceptive on the market developed by international nonprofit and global health innovation leader PATH. After 16 years in the making, Caya is a modernized version of the traditional diaphragm, guaranteed to be just as effective as the original model, and is available by prescription only.


Annette Larkin of PATH’s research collaborative partner CONRAD told MTV News that “the benefit of the Caya over the old diaphragms is that it doesn’t need a pelvic fitting, and it’s much easier to remove.”

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Though my sexual education course briefly touched upon the traditional diaphragm as a potential contraceptive option, the method’s usage was steadily on the decline. Also, the fact that there was even a slight risk of the thing getting stuck inside me, was enough for me to write it off.

“The old diaphragms have a small rim and it could be difficult to get enough of a grip to pull it out — there’s even a Sex and the City episode about it,” Larkin added.

Caya Cream

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Listen friends, in most cases, if it’s not for Carrie Bradshaw, it’s not for me, but I’m getting a little tired of having to set a daily alarm reminding me to take a Tic Tac-sized pill that could be infusing who knows what kind of hormones into my body that regulate my cycle.

The Caya is one size fits most and should be used with a spermicidal gel for lubrication and additional security. Do not remove the Caya until six hours after intercourse.

We asked for more options, ladies; this one just might be worth the try.