Couple's 1975 wedding photos recreated for their 40th anniversary

Jul 22, 2015 at 12:44 p.m. ET

Anniversaries big and small are wonderful milestones to celebrate in life. They're even better if you have a fabulous picture to commemorate the occasion. This couple decided to do a 2015 recreation of their favorite 1975 wedding day shots, and the results are something to be seen.

The photos were actually posted by their son, who goes by magic976 on Reddit, in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary. He titled the post, "My parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary today. Some things never change [Then and Now]." Well, things may have changed somewhat, but the love and intentions remain the same, and that's what matters.

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The couple decided to do the recreation of their 1975 wedding photos spur of the moment, so things aren't perfectly matching, however, they're close enough to garner several thousand "awwws" to be sure. For instance, the motorcycle — which was a 350 Honda 70 according to magic976's dad — belonged to his wife's brother who no longer has it, and the couple now live in a different house. That being said, the wife has the same dress on which she made herself (sans garter — apparently she couldn't find it), and her husband is wearing the same jacket (which his wife also made for him — gah!). I'd say that's pretty good considering the 40-year difference!

Get ready to experience a truly wonderful recreation that will be sure to tug at your heart strings.

Image: Magic976/Imgur

Well I think it's safe to say this couple still knows how to rock. The pictures received tons of positive feedback from users, which is refreshing considering how many trolls lurk on Reddit. Many told Magic976 that his mom is smoking hot, and several asked how his dad was able to lock such a stunning lady down. Magic976 was kind enough to divulge the story of how they met.

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"Yes, he was smooth. They met in a bar called 'The Lower Level' and his first words to her were 'You wanna Boogie?'. If that isn't the start to a great love story, I don't know what is," Magic976 posted. Not to mention, it would be a great beginning to a '70s-style romantic comedy. I smell a film deal...

It just goes to show that doing something a little different on your anniversary, and having a little fun can lead to a huge ego boost. Check out the second pair of photos — while not on a motorcycle, they're still pretty adorable.

Mom still has the same smile, and an equally fabulous hat, while Dad still sports a seriously snazzy mustache. I think I may have to force my parents to do one of these for their upcoming anniversary. Thirty-three years of marriage may not be 40, but it's close enough. Here are some of my favorite Reddit responses to these pictorial expressions of love.

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I think your dad looks like a charmer with kindness in his heart. Your mom is a fox though. — 5_sec_rule

We can all only hope to age so gracefully with a partner who loves us. It happens! — IGiveFreeCompliments

I love this in the way that anyone that is married and has gone through some trials might see it. You have good parents, OP. I know that much from these pics. — KING_0F_REDDIT

There is so much love between them it's crazy. They're what I want to be with my fiance in 40 years. :P — Bearmaster9013

Me too, Bearmaster9013, me too. One can only hope we're all that lucky.