Bride rages at piper after he's caught drinking in her wedding pics

Jul 17, 2015 at 12:54 p.m. ET

It seems that for some women, bridezilla behaviour doesn't end after the ceremony does.

A bride called Sarah lashed out at the piper she hired for her wedding after allegedly catching him drinking in a photo posted on social media by one of her guests.

This was only minutes after telling him he "made the day special," reports MailOnline.

After she saw the photograph, Sarah accused professional musician Craig Lawrie of drinking, and demanded that he return his fee.

Mr Lawrie 26, refused to refund the money, claiming that all he was drinking was a soft drink bought for him by the groom's best man.

After the wedding, which took place at a hotel near Glasgow last month, the piper shared a text exchange he had with the bride online.

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"Firstly thank you for piping at our wedding," Sarah wrote. "Everyone loved it and it definitely made our day special. I have one issue, however. In one of our guest photos you're seen drinking a pint and I'm not happy at this."

"I hired you thinking you were professional and don't want to look through photos on Facebook to see my piper drinking, as I think this would affect your performance to pipe me and Marshal into dinner," she continued. "I want my money back because I'm not happy about the photos being ruined. Please respond."

"I'm absolutely shocked you started by saying how great I was to then slate me for drinking a pint of blackcurrant and lemonade purchased by your best man," Mr Lawrie replied. "If you're saying it would cause harm to my performance, you're wrong. This is my job and I take it very seriously. Getting your money back is absolutely out of the question."

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