Real romance between a woman and her sperm donor may be the next big movie

Jun 16, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET

You know your relationship is the stuff of legends when someone wants to turn it into a movie. That's exactly what happened to Aminah Hart who found her true love in the unlikeliest of ways — by meeting her sperm donor.

Hart met her sperm donor, Scott Andersen, just a year after the baby she had with his sperm turned 1. The Australian advertising executive wanted to get more information from him, so she reached out, and they agreed to get together. Little did she know that this man, who already gave her the priceless gift of a daughter, would also bring her a completely unexpected romance.

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However, the story doesn't start out so cute and happy. Hart was 42 and single when she decided to have a baby via artificial insemination. She had lost two sons previously to a rare genetic disorder, so she made sure to choose a donor who already had four healthy kids of his own. According to the Daily Mail, the disease has a one in four chance of affecting the offspring of a carrier, but Hart was determined to risk it once more. She was given a choice between three donors by the fertility clinic.

"You don't get a photo, it's literally just a profile — less than a LinkedIn page, with vital statistics, age, body build, hair color, interests as a kid, and job," Aminah told the Daily Mail. Andersen's profile stood out because he seemed happy (on paper), and had a pretty clean genetic background. Most importantly, he said that he'd be willing to meet any child his sperm helped foster.

Baby Leila was born in 2012, and despite a complication with her airways that was quickly rectified with surgery, she's a healthy, happy baby. However, Hart started to become more and more curious about Leila's father, especially because her daughter did not have any of her Indian traits. So Hart's mother decided to go on an internet hunt for Andersen, and soon enough, he turned up.

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Hart and Andersen began exchanging emails, and finally the pair agreed to meet up at his house in August 2013. "It was much easier than I'd anticipated. I was nervous... I was walking in to meet a complete stranger and I had his genetic child in my arms," Hart told the Daily Mail. Andersen was nervous too, but he instantly had a connection with Leila, and expressed to Hart that he'd like to see her regularly if possible.

So the couple started meeting monthly after that, and by Christmas of that same year, they declared they were in love. The next 10 months were filled with many visits between the city mouse and her country beau, then the couple decided to take their first vacation as a family in Thailand.

If that doesn't sound like enough of a fairy-tale ending, Andersen surprised Hart by proposing to her one afternoon when he came back from the local shops. Of course she said yes, and when the couple announced the engagement, aside from all the well wishes from friends and strangers alike, they received an amazing offer.

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Working Title Films, the creators of Love Actually and Bridget Jones's Diary, expressed interest in acquiring the rights to the couple's amazing saga to make a film out of it. The couple was surprised and thrilled at the prospect of their modern romance being adapted for the screen. If the producers of some of the world's most beloved romantic comedies asks to turn your story into a movie, you know your life's headed in the right direction.