9 Proposal fails so bad they're almost cute

May 26, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. ET

If you're a human being, it's likely you've done something clumsy or awkward in your life at an inopportune moment. When the pressure's on, we tend to mess up a very simple act just because we're putting way too much focus on it. Now imagine you're about to do something truly major like propose to the love of your life. Chances are it's not going to go over perfectly.

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In fact, it's much more likely that something will go terribly wrong right at a crucial point. However, it's how you handle yourself and the situation after the inevitable catastrophe that separates the keepers from the left-at-the-altars. Remember, these little human moments make the best memories, so if you accidentally fall into a ditch while proposing, think of it as the best thing that could happen, besides her saying "yes."

Funny proposal fails

1. The jump to a proposal

Image: YouTube

This girl just thought she and her friends were trying to take the perfect jump shot picture in front of the ocean at sunset. Little did she know her enthusiastic jump would knock her engagement ring right out of her dude's hand. Little helpful hint, guy — always make sure you're out of kicking range before getting down on one knee.

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2. The bait and switch

Image: YouTube

So I'm not really sure why this dude thought it would be funny to offer his lady a fake ring first, but it sets off a chain reaction of awkward moments where she simply can't come to terms with the idea that he's actually proposing for real right now. If that's his sense of humor, I don't blame you, girl.

3. Mom takes a dive

Image: YouTube

This one's a pretty common love story — guy meets girl, they fall in love then mom ruins the most climactic moment of their lives. I love how she doesn't move at all after she falls. It's as if she recognizes she's done her worst, and is now hiding in the sand out of shame. Why this dude continues with his proposal plan as if nothing amazingly funny just happened is beyond me. Also, take note of the bride-to-be who almost pees her pants.

4. Butter fingers

Image: YouTube

Brief synopsis here: This guy has friends holding "will you marry me?" signs on the beach for his girlfriend who's in the boat. He gets too caught up in the moment, and drops the ring into the water. Considering how much those things usually go for, I don't blame him for panicking and destroying any chance for romance.

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5. Ignoring the obvious

Image: YouTube

So this mishap was definitely more the proposee's fault than the proposer. Adrian positioned himself behind the glass of his girlfriend's new store so that when she pulled down the paper covering, she'd see him and the ring. However, he didn't bank on her being so invested in the process that she wouldn't become aware of him for a full two minutes, and he'd broken his back just eight days earlier! Hey, sometimes love is pain.

6. Wait, who's proposing?

Image: YouTube

I have absolutely no idea what's going on here. I have to imagine the dude on his knee is really proposing, but his coworker was always in love with his girlfriend, and decided to make a move before it was too late. Naturally, the result is total weirdness.

7. Runaway bride-to-be

Image: YouTube

This is one of the only sad ones on here. The guy starts to propose very sweetly in the middle of Times Square (cliche, but whatever), and his lady all of a sudden takes off like a shot. I like to think that she just really had to use the bathroom, but I think I'm probably being too optimistic.

8. Waves of joy

Image: YouTube

I can't get over how perfect this one is. It's as if the universe was just waiting for him to kneel down to hit him with a giant wave. Maybe it's God's way of applauding?

9. Stunt proposal

Image: YouTube

Let me explain what's going on here. The guy proposing stood on the ledge of the building to make a speech, then his friend tossed him the ring which he missed, causing him to "fall off the roof." No need to panic, it was all a stunt — he actually landed on a big cushion below. However the whole thing scared the bejesus out of his girlfriend, which is not what you normally want to do at such a love-filled moment.