Man pens book on convincing his wife to get breast implants

If your husband asked you to alter a part of your body to be more like he likes it, what would you do?

If you were Ivan LeCasque’s girlfriend, you would likely choose to get larger breasts. Or you could hit the road. LeCasque has written the definitive book on convincing your significant other to supersize her breasts. He’s calling it: Convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts Manual. And it apparently works for him. His girlfriend Victoria enhanced herself from an already big 26D to a ridiculous 26O and she did it… for him.

She tells The Daily Mail:

“As your breasts get bigger, your self esteem as a woman goes up too – you feel sexy and in the game.”

She’s had several augmentations so that now her breasts appear positively gargantuan. She also helped her husband pen his book.

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Which leads to my first questions: What in the blazing heck is she thinking?

Look, I am all for bigger chests. Having been a 34DD most of my life, I always appreciate a guy who is into a stacked woman. More power to them. But mine are also part of my natural self. They grew there all by themselves. If he loves me, he loves them. But I didn’t put them there for my husband. He (hopefully) would have been just as attracted to me without them (maybe).

The truth is, most men (the good ones anyway) love our bodies. But they love US more. They love the things we say and the ways in which we challenge them. They love our intellect and our sense of humor and our drive. Our bodies are in there too, but it is all so intertwined. If a man ever asked me to surgically alter a part of my body, even if he offered to pay (as one does), I would run the other way.

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There is a reason this guy has been married and divorced twice. Just sayin’. I am all for looking hot for your man, but there are limits. And here it is.


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