Daughters try on their mothers' wedding dresses in emotional video

May 13, 2015 at 1:06 p.m. ET

This adorable video will have you crying into your coffee, ladies. Have you ever wanted to try on your mother's wedding dress? No? Well, you should. Because look how cute these women are who tried on their moms' dresses!

In a sweet video compiled by BuzzFeed, a group of several women try on their mothers' wedding dresses to varying results. See below:


The video is adorable, as much for the strange fashion choices as for the sweet interactions between the mothers and daughters. Some of the moms cry. Some just laugh and make jokes. Some discuss who wore it better.

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My mother's wedding dress was long gone by the time I got married, but I did wear her veil with just a few small alterations and it was quite lovely to have a piece of my mother with me even though she wasn't (she died when I was 16). My own dress is preserved in a box at our family lake house, presumably for one of my daughters if they want it, but even if they don't, I hope they want some piece of it.

It's a wonderful tradition to either share the dress or make something new using the fabric or embellishments from the mother's gown. Since I have two daughters, I love the idea of one or both of them in my dress.

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Of course, many brides also like the idea of finding their own style. It's a lovely thing, too. Everyone has their own vision for their wedding day and they have every right to have that. I just love the family connection. I love the idea of being so connected to all that passed before. This video made me tear up.