Woman's reaction to proposal during a selfie is so perfect (VIDEO)

Apr 14, 2015 at 3:28 p.m. ET

Some proposal videos make you cry because they are so emotional. Some are so over the top, they deserve to be in a Disney movie. But some of them are so simple, they remind us it's not the proposal that matters. It's the people.

Take this couple for example. There they are, just taking a selfie like couples do, and her boyfriend is all, "Hm, something is wrong with the camera. Here's an engagement ring."

And then she reacts in the most honest way:

You can't help but laugh because she can't hide her excitement or downplay it. Sometimes the emotions get buried by the big gestures in the more grandiose proposals, but here we're reminded that engagements aren't about outdoing the last viral proposal. They're about feelings, for each other.

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