Man pretends to be in army to pick up women (VIDEO)

Apr 14, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. ET

As women in bars, we have to be incredibly careful who we let sit down beside us. There is always the very real possibility that the person will be interested in only one thing or incredibly drunk or, worst of all, a liar who makes up a series of stories to get into our pants. One man in Florida who was claiming to be in the army turned out to be all of the above.

Eric Coins caught the confrontation with the man pretending to be in the military below. It's astounding. See for yourself:


It's hard enough to trust the things men say without having video evidence that they are, in fact, capable of pretty massive lies just to pick us up. And apparently he is not the first guy to try something like this.

"Stolen valor" is actually a thing, and Coins has multiple videos to prove it. But as women on the dating scene, it's an important to reminder. You can't believe what men tell you. Whether it's about their STD testing, their prowess in bed or their career. We need to be careful.

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There really is something so inherently offensive in the idea of a man thinking he has to make up things to get into our pants. And even more offensive is the fact that he would steal a military title to do so. Guess what, guys: We don't need you to be heroes. We don't need you to do anything at all. Just be yourselves, and maybe we'll like you. Or maybe we won't. But one thing I can guarantee no woman likes? Dishonesty.

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So if a man comes up to you in a bar and starts telling you all about his heroic deeds, think twice before believing him. Sadly, we women have to be careful and look out for one another in this regard. Liars gonna lie, I guess. We just need to be two steps ahead.

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